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Its small size betrays its destructive power. The smallest of the Maikor Autonomous combatants, the Defender represents a significant threat to even an entire fleet.


||Excerpt from Old Federation Xenoarchaeology Database:

The Defender is very numerous in [REDACTED] sectors, where it is usually seen escorting Drones to and from asteroid belts and in some cases, even Dreadnoughts. Information on this craft is minimal, but reports on encounters and scientific analysis indicate it probably is the Maikor equivilent of a frigate or heavy corvette in role. But as with most Maikor ships is significantly smaller and much more advanced than human vessels of the same "type". The Defender is heavily armed and armoured and serves as the light combat craft of the Maikors. It poses a very significant to human vessels of any size and type, as it usually travels in "packs" of about 3-4 craft, making it highly efficient in battle. Unlike the Drone, the Defender is equiped with a Maikor "shield" and high grade Maikor weapons. Despite their huge armament and defenses, Defenders can fly circles around a Hammerhead class light frigate; despite being almost twice the size. The Defender is a good example of the total technological superiority of the Maikors over more recent civilisations.

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