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Dreadnought. An autonomous warrior of the Maikor legacy, heralded in battle as the Guardian of the Old Times. The largest and most powerful automaton short of a Sunrise Dreadnought, Guardians posess a destructive power best left undisturbed.


||Excerpt from Old Federation Xenoarchaeology Database:

One of the most well known Maikor ships, Guardians, as their name suggests, are almost always seen in close proximity to important Maikor artificacts and relics. Also, the Guardian is the most understood Maikor ship due to their presence near the artifacts that humanity as shown great scientific interest in. The Guardian is the "Vanguard" of any Relics of Maikor 'culture', designed by the Maikors to safeguard their way of life for eternity. And for this task, they are equipped to the extreme with advanced Maikor weapons and shielding. Posessing a single Maikor "Dreadnought Cannon"; the Guardian is lethal. Even a single Guardian presents a huge threat to a large military armada, and is best left un-provoked. The Guardian won't attack any humans or terrestrial life as long as they leave the relics it guards where it rests. However they seem to allow analysis and examination of the relic for reasons unknown.

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