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(Capital) Tyandirr Imperial Dreadnought

This mighty war vessel is the greatest symbol of the power of the Tyandirr Third Empire. The Imperial Dreadnought leads the War Fleets, carving a brutal path through any and all enemies of the Emperor.

(Capital) Tyandirr Imperial Dreadnought


An Imperial Dreadnought. The largest capital ship known to be in service with the Tyandirr Third Imperial Navy. This warship is quite possibly the most powerful single war vessel in known space. Exact specifications of the Imperial Dreadnought are not known, but it is believed to be equipped with enough firepower to suppress entire planets on its own. As such it is the centrepiece of the Tyandirr War Fleets, leading dozens of smaller cruisers and destroyers into the various conquests the Third Empire is engaged in.

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