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|| Date Format Key:

1 F.D.S = 2238 A.D 

1 I.D.S = 2164 F.D.S

1 I.D.S = 4402 A.D


|| There are three Date Standards; 'Anno Domini' from the Old Earth, Federal Date Standard from the Federal Eras and the Imperial Date Standard from the Imperial Era. During the Old Federal Era, both AD and FDS were accepted forms of date. During the New Federal Era, FDS was more common. After the dissolution of the Federal State in 4402AD, Imperial Date Standard is used. AD Is given in all eras for reference.

|| Day/Month is given in Eridonian Time format, based on the cycles of the Capital Planet of the UTN. Prior to 2238 A.D / 1 F.D.S, earth cycles are used. During the New Federal and Imperial eras, Day/Month is given in Lorentian Time Format. 

|| << Ancient Era >>

|| ~13.7 bya

|| <Unconfirmed> - [Beginning of the incumbent universe by the Great Maikors, releasing creation and light to where there was darkness.]

|| ~10 bya

|| <Unconfirmed> - [Retreat of the Great Maikors from the incumbent universe according to Aurc Scripture.]

|| ~200-300 mya

|| <Unconfirmed> - [Aurc Scriptures tell of the collapse of the Aurc Empire and its control of known space.]

|| ~66 mya

|| <unknown> - [An asteroid was believed to have impacted the Earth, humanity's historic homeworld and caused the extinction of approximately 75% of the species on the planet, before human beings had evolved. Aurc Scriptures tell of an unknown world being manipulated by Drones around the same time period by radiological dating and incomplete linguistical analysis. [Further research is required].]

|| << Pre-history Era >>

|| 1945 A.D

6/8 ES - [Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the United States.]

9/8 ES - [Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki by the United States.]

|| << Modern Era >>

|| 2017

|| 2/3 ES - [American Multi-national Semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices, launches the "Zen" Micro Architecture, ending over a decade of monopoly in the desktop processor industry.]

|| << Post-modern Era >>

2020 A.D

31/1 ES - [United Kingdom leaves the European Union and becomes an isolated state, focusing primarily on internal affairs and revitalising its wilting economy.]

2031 A.D

20/5 ES - [European Union and most of Western and Central Europe undergo a power shift into a more centralised government known as the United European States, in order to maintain Europe's position as a leading power.]

2042 A.D

7/12 ES - [United States of America undergoes major governmental and economic reform, becoming known as the United States of Northern America, as South American powers rise up the world stage. The USNA retains its position as one of hte dominant global superpowers of the 21st Century.]

2047 A.D

<Date unconfirmed> -  [After years of warm relations between China and Russia, the two powers agree to create a global alliance known as the Russo-Sino Alliance in response to the formation of the USNA]

2055 A.D

<Date unconfirmed> - [Terran Space Research Corporation Founded.]

|| << Fossil Wars Era >>

2061 A.D

11/1 ES - After years of civil strife and unrest, dwindling resources and localised armed conflict, the nations of Earth descend into another World War. Beginning of the Fossil Wars with the United States of North America's invasion of Siberia.

2063 A.D

<-> TSRC Earth-Dock construction commences.

2062 A.D

<-> United Kingdom begins construction a vast orbiting mining station.

2069 A.D

15/2 ES - Third Nuclear detonation in an armed conflict in human history, after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War Two in 1945, Russo-Sino Alliance nuclear warhead detonates over a USNA military installation in Alaska, halting the invasion of Siberia and tipping the Earth onto the verge of total nuclear war.

16/2 ES - USNA and RSA enter emergency talks with the almost defunct United Nations in an attempt to prevent a global catastrophe. Later that day the Treaty of Humanity was signed by both Superpowers, whom agreed to not utilise weapons of mass destruction in the conflict.

4/12 ES - RSA invasion of the United European States. UES enters the Fossil Wars.

<-> Construction of the UK's Orbital Mining Station proceeds, initial resource processing begins.

2070 A.D

2/1 ES - RSA military campaign in continental Europe gains traction. Russo-Sino forces occupy most of eastern and central Europe.

14/2 ES - UES forces successfully halt the RSA invasion of Western Europe. A bloody war of attrition begins between the two global powers.

15/2 ES - USNA declares official support of the UES and deploys forces to Western Europe to counter the RSA military advances. USNA-RSA talks over the war almost stop and the Treaty of Humanity looks to be in jeopardy as the world edges closer to a full scale nuclear exchange.

2072 A.D

<-> - UK Orbital Mining Station reaches full resource processing capability.

2073 A.D

19/3 ES - Global economies are on the brink of collapse after years of total conventional war. Major powers agree to initiate a cease-fire for the sake of humanity's future while each power begins their own project to leave the dying Earth behind.

23/3 ES - Joint USNA-UES project to evacuate the Earth in the event of a nuclear war. Project Terran Exodus begins. USNA space probes begin searching for planetary candidates.

17/6 ES - RSA project to leave the Earth begins.

2074 A.D

9/2 ES - USNA-UES reforms into the Western Alliance. A centralised government is formed.

11/7 ES - A cease-fire between the newly formed Western Alliance and the RSA is forged. Both powers agree to cease all hostilities in order to facilitate their departure of the Earth, with humanity's continued survival in mind. Treaty of Humanity is updated and ratified. End of the Fossil Wars.

2075 A.D

1/1 ES - On new year's day of 2075, UES scientists discover a wormhole just beyond the Oort Cloud of the Solar System.

5/1 ES - Project Terran Exodus swings into action as the dwindling economies of the USNA and UES dedicated their final resource stockpiles to building a space craft capable of reaching the wormhole.

10/2 ES - Construction of the 'Eridonia', a colossal evacuation starship commences in orbit.

2077 A.D

<-> -  Efforts from the RSA project to leave Earth result in a project to create their own colony ship to evacuate the dying planet. Factions within the Alliance disagree with the decision to abandon the Earth. Separatists from some RSA-led states split and unite with other countries across the globe to form the Central Earth Government - aiming to restore life to the homeworld of humanity.

2078 A.D

<-> -  The United Kingdom's massive Orbital Mining Facility is competed in Earth Orbit.

2080 A.D

<-> TSRC Earth-Dock construction completed.

2081 A.D

<-> - TSRC begins development of the Sempiternalis Project. First Pathfinder-class deep space exploration ships laid down at the TSRC Earth-Dock, Pathfinder and Sceptre.

2089 A.D

10/8 ES - 'Eridonia' is completed. Civilians and government officials are selected for the project to leave Earth.

13/9 ES - Major protests and riots take place after the selection process of the Terran Exodus Project is completed. Remaining populations fear for their fates when the Eridonia leaves Earth orbit. WA Civil War begins.

20/9 ES - Civil unrest reaches breaking point, Western Alliance government forces can no longer contain the rioting. Emergency protocols to leave the Earth are initiated, approximately two million people begin to be loaded into Cryostasis pods on the 'Eridonia'.

<->Construction of Pathfinder-class deep space exploration ship Pathfinder completed on the TSRC Earth-Dock.

2090 A.D

2/1 ES - WA loses control of the Capital City of Washington D.C to violent protesters and military splinter groups. 'Eridonia' is launched with only 1.2 million people onboard. The starship begins its journey towards the Wormhole and into the unknown. The Great Exodus begins.

2092 A.D

<-> - CEG annexes the remaining territories of the old Western Alliance, subsequently becoming the dominant global superpower. But Earth's natural resources are dwindling, and natural disasters are widespread after years of global warming and pollution. The Central Earth Government begins an initiative to colonise Mars.

<-> - The TSRC and CEG agree to work together for the benefit of both.

2100 A.D

<-> - Construction of Pathfinder-class deep space exploration ship, 'Sceptre' completed.

2103 A.D

<-> - CEG and TSRC scientists develop FTL technology from studies of naturally occurring wormholes within Sol.

2107 A.D

<-> - TSRC initiates the 'Nemesis Project' at the Europa Testing Facility - a joint research initiative with the CEG to create a fully sentient Artificial Intelligence to control autonomous warships.

2122 A.D

<-> - TSRC deploys deep space exploration ship TSRS Pathfinder on first manned-extra solar mission, crewed by Sempiternalis, under the command of the legendary Captain Ronin Kociero.

2129 A.D

<-> - TSRC/CEG 'Nemesis Project' results in the creation of the first human-built fully self-aware Artificial Intelligence. Secretive field trials of autonomous warship fleets commence.

2131 A.D

<-> - After two years of failures, the Nemesis Project is cancelled and the TSRC attempts to destroy all assets. Due to a fundamental flaw in the failsafe of the Artificial Intelligence, the AI known as 'NEMESIS' sees this attempt as an act of war or aggression, resulting in the half-cycle "Europa Incident". TSRC Security Fleets fail to prevent NEMESIS-infected autonomous warships from fleeing Sol. The CEG Military locks down the Europa testing facility and blockades its orbit. NEMESIS is destroyed but the fate of the escaped vessels remains unknown to the TSRC or CEG.

2137 A.D

<-> - CEG Establishes first colony on Mars. Major populations are transported there as the CEG economy and industry grows from strength to strength.

2202 A.D

14/4 - 'Eridonia' arrives in an unknown solar system beyond the Wormhole. The colonists awake to find a beautiful garden world beneath them.

2205 A.D

16/7 - First extra-terrestrial colony founded in known human history. Humanity's new home is named 'Eridonia' after the colony ship that brought them there, and the first settlement to be constructed is named the Eris Tiers. First foundations of the Eridonian Federation and the future of Humanity in the sector known as 'Aquarius' is laid down.



2238 A.D / 1 F.D.S

10/8 ET - Unified Terran Nation officially formed, Founding Manifesto ratified on the first Colony of Eridonia, Eris Tier I, the UTN Era Begins. Federal Date Standard introduced, starting of the first year, 1 FDS.

2239 A.D / 2 F.D.S

<-> - Development of Eridonia's moon, Secunda, begins. Orbital Lift technology from the Colony Ship Eridonia is used to place static installations on its surface, where rich deposits of Titanium and other metal elements are discovered. Mining facilities are planned.

2250 A.D / 12 F.D.S

9/2 ET- The UTN 'Jump Drive' Sub-Space Accelerator is created based on scientific data recorded from the 'Eridonia's transit through the wormhole. MKI Jump Drive allows FTL travel between local star systems, allowing humanity to spread into the stars like never thought possible.

2260 A.D / 22 F.D.S

<->- First widespread deployment of Nano-tech Macro-Engineering (NME) based medical technologies, allowing significantly increased disease resistance and vastly improved illness treatments for the population of the new Colony.

2263 A.D / 25 F.D.S

<->- Development of orbital Infrastructure over the Gas Giant 'Erin's Storm' begins, upper atmospheric hydrogen extraction facilities are planned.

2266 A.D / 28 F.D.S

22/7 ET- UTN's first manned Subspace jump takes place. A human crew is successfully transported over an Astronomical Standard Unit in less than an hour.

2267 A.D / 29 F.D.S

22/7 ET- Nano-tech Macro Engineered Vaccines in widespread circulation among the Eridonian population. Most virulent pathogens are quickly dealt with by the augmented human immune response, and ancient earth-based pathogens such as the Rhinovirus (common cold) are eliminated entirely from circulation.

2270 A.D / 31 F.D.S

<-> - Dwarf Planet 'Eridonia Minor' is discovered by system recon probes from the young Eridonian Colony, resources are surveyed planet side, and development of surface and orbital infrastructure begins in the following cycles.

2280 A.D / 41 F.D.S

<-> - Emergence of Nano-tech Vaccine Immune novel pathogens from the Eridonian Ecosystem and population of the new colony. Development of new serums to address issues with pathogen recognition begin rapidly, leading some observers to question the safety of unregulated nano-tech medicines.

2293 A.D / 54 F.D.S

<-> - Restrictions are implemented on the development and deployment of Nanotech Macro-Engineering treatments on the Eridonian Colony after a major fault in an artificial enzyme response in a new batch of treatments causes widespread illness and deaths. Public support for NME declines.

2315 A.D 

<-> - The first bio-organic processor is brought online, and executes operations within Laboratories at the Eridonian Institute for Science. The new processor design is known as the 'Biomatrix'; beginning of rapid development of biological computers that eventually replace silicon and semi-conductor based binary logic gate arrays.

2324 A.D / 86 F.D.S

6/5 ES- On the 6th May Earth date, the Terran Space Research Corporation mysteriously vanishes, bases are deserted, ships vanish. Subsequent projects in co-operation with the CEG end. TSRS Pathfinder makes contact with the young Unified Terran Nations in Aquarius.

2330 A.D / 92 F.D.S

<-> - Widespread deployment of Acute Genetic Engineering technologies introduces new medical breakthroughs for the population of the newly formed colonies, including DNA modification and new levels of disease immunity never before seen. The damaging DNA fault causing the historical disease 'Cancer' is corrected from the mainstream genetic pool, marking one of the largest medical breakthroughs in recorded human history by the UTN.

2339 A.D / 101 F.D.S

<no fixed date>- After the hundred-cycle anniversary of the founding of the UTN, a dramatic increase in economic and industrial growth fuels a massive surge in colonisation of neighbouring systems of hte Aquaris Cluster. Beginning of the First Era of Expansion.

16/3- Corona System discovered by Deep-Exploration Probes.

<->- Corsis System discovered by Deep-Exploration Probes.

2340 A.D / 102 F.D.S

4/9- Lorentis System discovered by Deep-Exploration Probes.

7/9- Garden world of Lorentis discovered, targeted for major colonisation effort.

11/11- The quickly expanding UTN is in need of ia unified military force to ensure the protection of her worlds and colonies. UTN Federal Navy and Planetary Forces officially formed as military branches of the young Federation.

2347 A.D / 109 F.D.S

<->- Development of planet-side infrastructure on the world of Corsis-A, Corsis System, begins after extensive exotic mineral deposits are surveyed in the nearby Corona System.

2349 A.D / 111 F.D.S

9/10- First Colony on Coron, Corona System established.

15/12- Coron Democratic Republic founded and ratified into the Unified Terran Nations.

2353 A.D / 115 F.D.S

<unknown date>- RSA-descended starship arrives in the Phoenix Cluster via the original wormhole, its trajectory had shifted.

2369 A.D / 131 F.D.S

1/1- At the turn of the cycle, the first Colony on the garden world of Lorentis is established.

18/1- Official Government of the Lorentian Republic founded and ratified into the Unified Terran Nations.

2372 A.D / 134 F.D.S

<->- Years of expanded growth of UTN territory lead to the Resource Shortages of 2372. Despite economic fragility, unregulated corporate and government-backed exploration and colonisation of new systems continues, UTN territory expands ten-fold.

2374 A.D / 136 F.D.S

<unknown date>- Phoenix Republic founded from survivors of the Russo-Sino Alliance that escaped earth after the 'Eridonia' left.

2376 A.D / 138 F.D.S

<->- Outer Systems discovered, many new resource-rich worlds are claimed and extensive mining operations begin. The UTN economy begins to recover from the Resource Shortages of 2372.

2385 A.D / 147 F.D.S

<->- Construction begins on an Orbital Battlestation over the new colony world of Lorentis.

2391 A.D / 153 F.D.S

<->- A.R.A.S Orbital Facility completed in orbit over Lorentis.

2400 A.D / 162 F.D.S

<->- Battlestation, Fort Lorentis A, is completed in orbit over Lorentis.

2412 A.D / 174 F.D.S

<unknown date>- UTN Naval Research and Development scientists successfully create the first CTM-based starship shielding technology.

2413 A.D / 175 F.D.S

<->- Introduction of the 'Human Naturality Act of 2413'; imposes new restrictions on the extent of genetic and biological engineering deemed legal by the government. After years of protests and public support for more regulation of gene-editing technologies, the new bill set out a series of restrictions on making 'unnecessary' (and deemed 'unnatural') modifications to the human genetic information. One such restriction was on the concept of 'designer babies' which had become a major point of ethical contention in the previous decades.

2417 A.D / 179 F.D.S

7/11- Supreme Senate passes the Expansion Act of 2417, restricting further expansion into new systems after many failed colonisation attempts. End of the First Era of Expansion.

2420 A.D / 182 F.D.S

<->- Varal system, in the Angel Nebula, discovered and charted by UTN Deep Recon probes.

2579 A.D / 341 F.D.S

<-> A CEG Expeditionary Fleet arrives in the Delta-Aquarius system, in the Phoenix Cluster, after discovering the trajectory of the original RSA colony ship.

2560 A.D / 342 F.D.S

<-> CEG Fleet arrives in Phoenix, making contact with the Phoenix Republic - the decendents of the old RSA and ancestors to the modern CEG. An Alliance between the two nations is established.

2571 A.D / 333 F.D.S

9/6 ET- Federal Navy Deep-space exploration probes discover the RSA colony ship that arrived in Phoenix. Diplomatic talks are suspended until more information can be acquired. Operation 'Old Guard' begins.

2601 A.D / 363 F.D.S

<-> Barrier 13 incident sparks the start of the UTN-CEG War. Phoenix Republic-UTN relations deteriorate.

2602 A.D / 364 F.D.S

<-> TSRC Angel Point Research Complex is lost to a rogue Artificial Intelligence.

2616 A.D / 378 F.D.S

<-> CEG Forces suffer a crippling defeat in the Battle of Portia against the Federal Navy, surviving ships retreat through an artifical wormhole, presumably to Earth, and the CEG are never seen in Aquarius again. The Phoenix Republic begins new diplomatic talks with the Unified Terran Nations.

2991 A.D / 753 F.D.S

12/6 ET- Terran Genetic and Racial Unity Project commences.

3000 A.D / 762 F.D.S

<no fixed date>- The turn of the 3rd millennia sees the UTN enter an era of prosperity and economic growth never before seen. Beginning of the Second Era of Expansion.

3206 A.D / 968 F.D.S

<->- First Farlease-class Light Cruiser commissioned at Eris Tier Orbital Naval Yard, Eridonia System, after a project to develop a fast sector-patrol warship with the ability to carry a Jump Drive, unlike existing destroyer classes of the time. The platform would be used for a multitude of different purposes and eventually go on to serve as the most widely deployed hull in the UTN's Federal Navy.

3207 A.D / 969 F.D.S

<late-cycle>- First Tempest-class Missile Cruiser commissioned at Eris Tier Orbital Naval Yard, Eridonia System.

3527 A.D / 1289 F.D.S

19/4 ET- Hammer of Aquarius superweapon Project commences.

3544 A.D / 1306 F.D.S

<->- Hammer of Aquarius project completed: 120 weapon installations become operational, providing the UTN with the most powerful weapon ever developed in known human history.

3617 A.D / 1379 F.D.S

9/9 ET- First Endeavour-class Battlecruiser, UTNS 'Endeavour' commissioned at A.R.A.S Shipyard, Lorentis System.

3721 A.D / 1483 F.D.S

20/2 ET- Unified Terran Nations declares war on the Phoenix Republic after years of suspected involvement with terrorist attacks in UTN space. Start of the Phoenix Conflict.

3776 A.D / 1538 F.D.S

12/6 ET- Unified Terran Nations begins a military invasion of the Phoenix Republic.

3786 A.D / 1548 F.D.S

6/6 ET- 10 years into the military campaign in Phoenix, the Federal Navy deploys Weapons of Mass Destruction over Kosiyurk City, Phoenix Prime in Operation Phoenix Falling. The Phoenix Incident.

3787 A.D / 1549 F.D.S

29/9 ET- First Phoenix Incident Trial.

3789 A.D / 1551 F.D.S

9/1 ET- Sector General Lukus Vorni commits suicide in a hospital on Eris Tier II, Eridonia.

3791 A.D / 1553 F.D.S

<->-'Hammer of Aquarius' officially decommissioned after public support for superweapons dropped dramatically after the Phoenix Incident.

4015 A.D / 1777 F.D.S

8/8 ET- UTN Naval Command loses contact with an ORP-3 'Honeywell' Remote Outpost in Tempest Sigma.

10/12 ET-  Federal Navy's 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet's Hunter Task Group, led by Endeavour-S2A Battlecruiser UTNS 'Eridonia's Hope' arrives in Tempest Sigma to investigate the silent outpost. First Contact with unknown aggressive alien race later identified in Aurc Scriptures as 'Radacri'.

4016 A.D / 1778 F.D.S

2/1 ET- Communication with Sensor Stations in the Tempest Omega and Novellus systems is lost. Federal Navy mobilises elements of the 1st and 2nd Expeditionary Fleets to the Parthos II system in preparation for a major attack on the Federation.

3/1 ET- Communication with Sensor Stations in Caldus Secundus system is lost. Federal Navy's 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet is mobilised to the Novellus system

4/1 ET- Federal Navy 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet encounters an overwhelming Radacri force in Novellus, taking major losses the 2nd RRF is forced to retreat to Tempest Epsilon reinforcements arrive. Beginning of the Radacri Wars.

4022 A.D / 1784 F.D.S

1/4 ET- Battle of Stone Water's Crescent, Tempest Alpha. UTN Federal Navy's 19th Outer Sector Fleet completely wiped out by a Radacri attack. Farlease-class Light cruiser 'Great Beacon Runner-14' boarded by Radacri predators.

4031 A.D / 1793 F.D.S

<->- UTN Forces suffer multiple major defeats against numerically superior Radacri fleets in Montes Lumen, Montes Ignis and Tempest Sigma systems. 2nd Expeditionary Fleet suffers heavy losses, Federal Naval Command orders a full retreat to Tempest Ridge system; 1st, 5th and 6th Federal Guard Fleets deployed to counter the Alien offensive.
- Miner's strike on Thaylador Stratodock in Proteus Major results in violence between Proteus Security Forces and miners, pirate involvement suspected, Federal Navy deployed to quell potential uprising.

4033 A.D / 1795 F.D.S

1/4 ET- Radacri forces destroy 'Denver' Outpost in Parthos II; UTN senate declares state of national emergency. UTN Navy re-commissions the six Revenge-class Battleships, TSS Revenge, UTNS Grand Phoenix, UTNS New Dawn, UTNS Tempestas, UTNS Orion's Fist and UTNS Spirit of Eridonia into the 1st Federal Grand Fleet, to counter the newly encountered Radacri 'dreadnoughts'. Senate orders the re-activation of the ancient 'Hammer of Aquarius' platforms on the outskirts of the Tempest Ridge Inner systems.

4040 A.D / 1802 F.D.S

24/5 ET- Then-UTN President Marco Rennford authorises the deployment of the 'Hammer of Aquarius' superweapon after 25 years of continuous bloody conflict against the Radacri onslaught. The government of the Federation understands this is not a war they can win. Shortly after the Hammer of Aquarius is deployed, a sub-space blast-wave of unknown origin known as the Aftershock surges through the Aquarius-cluster, the start of the Fall of the UTN.

12/6- Pirate Cartel from the Angel Nebula, known as the 'Tiger Sharks', lands on Coron and begins occupation of the ruins, capturing and executing civilians. Beginning of Coron's Dark Years.

14/6- 15 year old Ciara Vellen, survivor of the Aftershock on Coron's Magneto City District 18, records her last few diary pages before being captured by the Cartel.

<Date Unknown (late)>- A vast consciousness of Artificial Nature beyond the Crimson Barrier contemplates the Radacri Threat to all sentient life, organic and non-organic.


4042 A.D / 1804 F.D.S

7/7 ET- Terran Loyalist Alliance founded from the remains of the Lorentis Republic.

4056 A.D / 1818 F.D.S

3/4 ET- TLA Fleets arrive in the ruins of the Corona System, meeting entrenched Pirate forces. Beginning of the Conflict to Liberate Corona.

6/8 ET- TLA Battlecruiser 'Tera Sola' leads a small fleet of cruisers and breaks Coron Orbit. The Fleet achieves a decisive victory, punching a hole in the Tiger Shark Cartel's orbital defences, allowing the TLA to land special forces, begining the relief effort.

<Unknown date (late)>- TLA Light cruiser Blackheart Spacerunner intercepts a civilian liner under Tigershark Pirate control, on the outskirts of the Eridonia System, based on intel provided by the fleet operating in the Corona System. The liner was attempting to move hostages out of the Corona system after the decisive TLA victory in re-taking the world.

4059 A.D / 1821 F.D.S

<-> TLA Begins the Revolution Cruiser Project, to create the first post-fall Terran warship, designed to replace the ancient Vengeance and Farlease-class cruisers still in service with the TLA more than 1000 cycles after their deployment.

4061 A.D / 1823 F.D.S

<-> After only 2 cycles of development, despite initial promise, the TLA Government officially suspends the Revolution Cruiser Project due to cost concerns. It is instead decided to augment the aging TLA Fleet with retrofitted hulls already available in the Core Systems.

4242 A.D / 2004 F.D.S

22/7 ET- TLA President Ashlai Vottori gives her first speech to the people of New Eridonia and the Terran Loyalist Alliance, 200 cycles after founding, from the ruined orbital Eris Naval Docks.

4250 A.D / 2012 F.D.S

6/12 ET- TLA makes contact with a second, extra-terrerstrial alien species known as the Vujlcyon over New Lorentis.





4299 A.D / 2061 F.D.S

10/8 ET- After nearly half a century of re-building, humanity in Aquarius officially forms the United Aquarian Systems; lead by the former Lorentian Government of the Terran Loyalist Alliance. Breakthroughs achieved by co-operation with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate allow massive advances in industry and military strength, in just half a century the U.A.S almost restores the system to its former might - with Humanity now firmly allied with five other Alien civilisations - ushering in a new chapter in history. Newly formed UAS joins the VC to form the Six-Trade Alliance.

<-> Joint Reclamation Treaty signed between the Lorentian Federal Government and the Trade Council of the Vujcyon Conglomerate. In exchange for technological and logistical assistance in rebuilding the Aquarius Cluster, the Conglomerate would be allowed to conduct salvage/cleanup operations in Terran space.

4300 A.D / 2062 F.D.S

<-> United Aquarian Systems Federal Navy's First Fleet officially formed.

4301 A.D / 2063 F.D.S

<-> United Aquarian Systems and Vujlcyon Conglomerate begin a joint project to connect the two powers with an enormous Sub-Space gate link - the Trans-Crimson Super Highway

4312 A.D / 2074 F.D.S

<-> Revolution Cruiser Project re-activated. UAS Naval R&D begins researching a new Cruiser-class to augment the aging, 1000-cycle old Vengeance and Farlease designs, bringing the advantages of both.

4314 A.D / 2076 F.D.S

<-> Revolution Cruiser Project concludes, first RV-AX Type Fleet Cruisers commissioned into service with the UAS Navy.

4315 A.D / 2077 F.D.S

<-> Following a Fleet review, UAS Naval Research & Development begins project to replace the ancient Farlease-class Light Cruiser hulls entirely, with a new versatile warship. Sleipnir Destroyer Project begins.

4317 A.D / 2079 F.D.S

<-> United Aquarian System Senate votes to begin a military intervention in the Tempest Ridge, to liberate the Pallas system and surrounding space from a brutal criminal slave trade. President Vorian Senlas authorises the deployment of the UAS Military to Tempest, starting Operation Tempest Liberty, the invasion and occupation of the Ridge by the UAS.

4321 A.D / 2083 F.D.S

<-> Sleipnir Destroyer Project concludes with two SP-AX Heavy Destroyer prototypes. Field trials begin.

4323 A.D / 2085 F.D.S

<-> Sleipnir Destroyer field trials are successful. SP-AX Heavy Destroyer begins production. All Farlease-class hulls (FL-AX, HB-AX and EL-AX) production ceases, existing vessels will continue to serve with the UAS Navy until a fixed retirement date (4400 A.D).

4342 A.D / 2104 F.D.S

<-> First EV-AX Type Fleet Command Carrier, the UAS Reginald D. Webb, largest warship in spacefaring Terran history is commissioned into service with the UAS Navy.

4349 A.D / 2111 F.D.S

<-> UAS begins a military campaign into the Angel Nebula in a bid to destroy the Tigershark Cartels once and for all. Newly commissioned EV-AX Type Fleet Command Carrier, UAS Reginald D. Webb leads the first battlegroup, from the Federal 1st Expeditionary Fleet, into the Halo system in the Angel's Hook Nebula, achieving a decisive first-strike against Cartel forces and establishing a foothold for UAS Navy operations in the Angel Reach.

<-> Field trials of the new Hydra-class Light Fleet Carrier are completed and the warship begins active service, seeing its first deployment in combat in the Angel Reach.

<-> A stellar anomaly in a remote system in the Fringe of the Angel Nebula is identified by UAS Deep Recon Probes as the 'Shifted Wormhole', leading back to Humanity's supposed birthplace; Sol. UAS Naval Intelligence keeps the discovery hidden from the public and a covert operation to assess the risk to Aquarius is launched.

4350 A.D / 2112 F.D.S

<-> Following the invasion of the Angel Reach, the UAS Government and Senate undergo major political reform, with a focus on a more centralised government in order to unify Aquarius. Aquarian Unity Act 4350 is proposed; all major previously devolved system states would become incorporated into the Federation. United Aquarian Systems officially forms the Aquarian National Senate (ANS).

<-> Political opposition to the proposed centralised government in the UAS Senate increases, with multiple systems states voicing concern for loss of local autonomy. UAS President Vorian Senlas states that tighter unity is required for humanity in Aquarius to proceed beyond the 4th millennium, citing the failings of the Old Federation.

<-> A majority vote is cast on the Aquarian National Senate and Unity Act 4350, showing increased support for the new government. Anti-centralisation protests take place throughout UAS Space, resulting in limited violence with security forces.

4351 A.D / 2113 F.D.S

<-> Aquarian Unity Act 4350 is passed, and the UAS Senate officially reforms into the Aquarian National Senate on Lorentis. Despite major support, some outer system states resist the centralisation, resulting in the deployment of the Federal Navy's Home Sector Fleet to bring the systems under into alignment. Conflict is avoided, and eventually all system states accept centralisation to the ANS on Lorentis.

<-> President Vorian Senlas steps down, appointing a Join Presidential Council, to which he would chair.

4352 A.D / 2114 F.D.S

<-> UAS Joint Presidential Council, lead by Chairman Vorian Senlas activates the Red Sector and brings the Aquarian Systems into Compliance.

<-> UAS 1st Expeditionary Fleet sucessfully secures the Halo system after 3 cycles of intense skirmishes with Tigershark Cartel forces. Elements of the UAS Angel Sector Fleet begins staging in the system for the next stage of the offensive.

<->  After highly successful campaigns in Angel Ignis and A17-18, Elements of the UAS 1st Expeditionary Fleet from Halo, and combined elements of the Angel Sector Fleet capture the Helia system in the Angel Reach: a major step in pushing the Tigershark Cartels from the Reach entirely.

<->  Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet founded by legendary Captain Ronin Kociero of the Pathfinder. Leading a small group of freedom fighters against the new authoritarian Aquarian Government.

4353 A.D / 2115 F.D.S

<-> First Retribution II-class Dreadnought commissioned into the AFN.

4355 A.D / 2117 F.D.S

<-> The conflict in the Angel Reach winds down as the Aquarian Federal Navy all but eliminates Tigershark Cartel resistance in the Reach. Remaining Tigershark forces are observed to withdraw beyond the Varal system into the unmapped fringes of the Angel Nebula, AFN Fleets do not pursue them. Despite heavy resistance and a longer conflict than anticipated, the AFN High Command declares the operation a success. The AFN establishes regular patrol routes in many of the independent systems, leading many to believe a potential annexation of the Reach would happen.

<-> Elements of the UAS 1st Expeditionary Fleet stationed in the Angel Reach are mobilised for an expedition to The Expanse, in the northern fringes of the Angela Nebula, due to historic high concentrations of Polaryte in the region.

<-> Derelict TSRC research stations are discovered in the AS-E-2 system in The Expanse.

4356 A.D / 2118 F.D.S

<-> UAS 1st Expeditionary Fleet identifies major Polarytic deposits in systems within The Expanse. UAS Government authorises a major corporate mining expedition to the region, beginning of the Industrialisation of the Expanse.

4359 A.D 

<-> Old Bastion's Star system discovered by the Pathfinder Fleet, and declared the base of operations for the fledgling Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet.

4361 A.D / 2,123 F.D.S

<-> UAS Secret Service units sabotage the Life Support System of a neutral Living Station in the Angel Reach, under the guise of eliminating 'Insurgent elements posing a threat to the security of the Aquarius Cluster'. The operation was committed in secrecy and resulted in the deaths of over ten thousand civilians. The Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, lead by Captain Ronin Kociero of Pathfinder, managed to save just over a thousand civilians from the massacre, loading them into the cargo holds of the light cruiser Winter Blossom in a daring rescue mission after receiving a tip-off. The massacre would be officially denied by the UAS Government and all records concerning it, removed. The official statement from the UAS Government and Navy regarding the incident is that the Life Support System failed in a tragic accident, with the Navy's commitment in the Reach, a rescue operation could not be attempted. The massacre marks the start of the rise of fascism in the Aquarian Government, solidifying the will of the EFP to fighting for freedom.


4402 A.D / 1 I.D.S

<-> Aquarian Governmental transition from a Federal State to an Imperial State, formation of the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, ATIS. Beginning of the Aquarian Imperial Era. Beginning of the Imperial Date Standard.

<-> ATIS begins the projected 1000-cycle cleanup operation of the Ruin World of Eridonia, slowly surveying they ruins for relics and information pertaining to the Aftershock that toppled the Old Federation. Huge recycling machines, some of the largest mobile land-based platforms ever constructed in Aquarian history are assembled to slowly devour huge swathes of the City Tiers, stripping everything down to base elements to be repurposed by the Imperial States.

4403 A.D / 2 I.D.S

<-> The ATIS Council orders several task groups of the newly formed Imperial 1st Expeditionary Fleet to deploy to remote system of Varal, on the edge of the Angel Nebula. The Imperial Naval Intelligence Service begins evaluating an offensive through the Varal Wormhole into the system of Sol; humanity's homeworld. INIS Deep-Recon Probes begin probing the viability of wormhole transition. Construction on the Sol Gateway Station commences; a massive Naval Outpost and Battlestation acting as a vanguard of the Aquarius Cluster in case of a new conflict with the current inhabitants of Sol.

4404 A.D / 3 I.D.S

<-> The Imperial Treaty of Governance of the Angel Reach is enacted, forcefully bringing the former ISAR into Imperial compliance. The treaty is little more than a politely worded annexation.

4405 A.D / 4 I.D.S

<-> ATIS Council terminates the 100-cycle Joint Reclamation Treaty with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate.

4407 A.D / 6 I.D.S

<-> ATIS Imperial Navy's 1st Outer Sector Fleet begins a deployment to the Tempest Ridge as part of a larger training exercise to assess the Fleet's combat readiness in case of a sector-wide war from the Tempest region.

<-> RV2M-class Missile Cruiser enters service with the Aquarian Imperial Navy.

<-> Imperial Navy dreadnought, Nobilis Historia, under the command of Fleet Admiral Amiori T. Kociero is ordered to return to the Core systems after a brief deployment in the Tempest Ridge.

4408 A.D / 7 I.D.S

<-> Imperial Navy 1st Outer Sector Fleet Admiral, Amiori T. Kociero is stripped of her rank due to connections to the rebel leader, her father, Ronin Kociero, and a warrant for her immediate arrest is dispatched to the UAS Civil Federal Security Forces and Imperial Special Service. Before Imperial agents can apprehend her, the former admiral disappears from her ship the Nobilis Historia in dry-dock in the Lorentis Naval Yards, entering exile and a life on the run from Imperial persecution. 

4410 A.D / 9 I.D.S

<-> ATIS begins a joint venture with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate into the unmapped Tempest Far Cluster, in an effort to exploit resource rich worlds surveyed in the region. 

<-> Remnants of the Tigersharks Cartel arrive in the Sector Rim Nebula after making the several hundred light year journey north of the Crimson barrier, fleeing persecution by the ATIS Imperial Navy operating in the Angel Reach.

<-> The Senlani deploy elements of the Sector Rim Defence Fleet to the edge of the Rim Nebula in light of reports of increased marauder activity attacking civilian shipping travelling between the Rim and Deep Red Nebulas.

<-> The EPF launch a daring raid against an Imperial Navy installation in the Angel Lumen system, in the Angel Reach, with intention to gain access to the AIN's advanced QEC network. The raid is partially successful and a small EPF Fleet, including the legendary Pathfinder and the pre-fall battlecruiser Eridonia's Hope, cause major damage to an AIN Arctic-class Naval platform in the system; in order to draw Imperial forces away from the central Cossack-class outpost; where the Pathfinder launches a covert boarding operation with the assistance of CoRE's advanced electronic warfare capabilities. Ronin Kociero, the leader of EPF, and a small team of Semper marines board the outpost and successfully recover an QEC Quantum State Key. Although the key is rendered invalid by the Imperial Navy shortly after news of the raid leaks out, CoRE successfully manages to reverse engineer the Quantum State Key and provide a one-way link to listen to Imperial Navy high-security communications between the Angel Reach and the Imperial Naval Command on Lorentis.

4415 A.D / 14 I.D.S

<-> UT-class Mobile Fleet Utility Platform enters service with the Aquarian Imperial Navy.

4417 A.D / 16 I.D.S

<-> ATIS Weapons of Total Destruction Deterrent program, codenamed 'Program E' begins first trials.

4421 A.D / 20 I.D.S

<-> ATIS Imperial Navy Special Forces units conduct a covert anti-terrorism raid on an independent, converted pre-fall Cerrivin-class Shipping platform in the Felon's End system, North of the Crimson Barrier Nebula. The intention was to capture terrorism suspects believed to be involved with plotting major attacks in Aquarius.

<-> A small EPF fleet lead by the Pathfinder rescues former Imperial Navy Captain, and Ronin Kociero's daughter, Amiori Kociero, from Imperial Special Forces in the Felon's End system. Ronin is reunited with his daughter after hundreds of cycles.

4432 A.D 

<-> - A mysterious contact arranges a meeting with the EPF's leader, Ronin Kociero in a remote system in the Angel Nebula. The contact is a Vujlcyon mercenary ship stating that an enigmatic 'client' wished to transfer highly sensitive information to the EPF. The contact refuses to provide any further details. The data package provided leads the EPF to another remote system near the Angel's Hook Nebula; relatively close to the EPF home system of Old Bastion's Star, upon which they discover a previously unknown construct of alien origin, which is later identified to be some form of FTL gate. CoRE successfully activates the gate with data encrypted in the package provided by the mysterious mercenary; and identifies that the object is indeed a gate, and is linked with the ancient human home system of Sol.

<-> - Ronin Kociero and the Pathfinder transmit an encoded message through the gate, aimed at Earth. The message intends to address any human civilisation left on the ancient human homeworld. It is unclear if the message is received.

4433 A.D 

<-> - The Pathfinder's encoded message to Earth is received by the current inhabitants of the world, who intend to investigate the source of the signal, bridging Aquarius and Sol together for the first time in thousands of Earth years. Earth years had proceeded more slowly due to relative time-compression of the distance between Sol and Aquarius, in the Archimedes Galaxy. The date on Earth is only 2832 A.D (E.D).

4447 A.D / 46 I.D.S

<-> - An attack by unknown forces results in the destruction of the Varal-Sol Gate's newly developed reactor complex, and the catastrophic loss of the Imperial Navy's Varal Fleet Flagship, Crimson Prestige, in the Varal-Sol Gate Incident.

4449 A.D / 48 I.D.S

<-> - The central planetary government on the world of Corsis II, Corsis II system; Corona Sector fails to respond to Imperial Government on Lorentis's orders for compliance updates, instead, the government ordered its armed forces to storm the ATIS Council Embassy and arrest members of the Council; demanding that the Capital City of the world would refuse to submit to the Imperial Flag until certain conditions were met, including increased freedoms for its citizens. This would be known as the Corsis Uprising of 4449 A.D, which ultimately resulted in the massacre in the same cycle by the Imperial military forces dispatched to the world to bring it back into Imperial Compliance by force.

<-> - The Sub-core system of Corsis II is brought under direct authority of the Imperial Council; the local UAS Civic governments are disbanded, many of its ministers arrested and executed for suspected involvement in the Corsis Uprising. The populations of the world's other cities and the system's civic space infrastructure are brutally oppressed by units from the Imperial Security Service as they seek to route out further sedition from the system.

<-> - Legendary Captain Ronin Kociero meets with local EPF Sleeper cell leaders to discuss how the resistance movement would cope with this catastrophic development. Unable to commit more assets to Corsis II, and in spite of the hugely increased Imperial Navy presence in the system, the EPF leadership reluctantly withdraws their covert Heritage-class frigate, Monument, to Corsis III.

4450 A.D / 49 I.D.S

<-> - Imperial Navy Sector Defence units operating in Angel-Crimson Theta intercept and recover an independent trading vessel that had been attacked by Tigershark Remnant pirates from the Angel nebula, as part of the INSD's widespread crackdown on pirate activity in the far G-West of the cluster.

4452 A.D / 51 I.D.S

<-> - First RE-II-class Battlecruiser prototype field trials begin.

4453A.D / 52 I.D.S

<-> - The Aquarian Imperial Navy deploys an experimental defence system in Varal; positioned around the Varal-Sol Gate construction site, using data recovered during the Incident the cycle prior. The new defence system intends to intercept and prevent future attacks by the unknown assailants, as the nature of their FTL technology is uncovered. New doctrines are put in place and the Varal Fleet is re-structured  with the arrival of the newly constructional Pattern III RT-class dreadnought By Their Sanction, which hoists the Imperial Flag as the new flagship. Red Sector elements begin active operations in the system as the Varal-Sol Gate project continues.

4459 A.D  / 58 I.D.S

<-> [The ATIS Council orders the 'New Fleet' modernisation program, an extension of the fleet re-armament following the Varal-Sol gate incident, of the Imperial Navy. The program aims to modernise and upgrade the largely Pre-Imperial era warships of the Imperial Navy in preparation for modern wars leading into the 46th century and beyond.]

4460 A.D / 59 I.D.S

<early cycle> - RE-II-class Battlecruiser enters service with the Imperial Navy, twelve vessels are ordered for production immediately.


4460 A.D 

<mid/late cycle> [The ATIS Council authorises the full development of the SP Pattern-2 upgrade program for the fleet's existing SP-class Heavy Destroyers. The new warships are fast-tracked into service to counter the ever-increasing threat of full-scale war with the EFPF and their Coronian allies.]

4461 A.D 

<-> [After nearly a century of brutal Imperial governance, the Local Government on Coron refuses to submit the System's Compliance Report to the Central Government on Lorentis; provoking an Imperial response. The Coronian Government, betting on the important of the extensive planet-side industries - essential to Imperial Shipbuilding throughout the sector - would prevent a large-scale response such as the offensive during the Corsis III uprising some years before. Despite this, an Imperial Fleet arrived from Lorentis, with the ATIS Council demanding immediate surrender of the entire planetary government. The Coronian Government refused, and an uneasy stand-off over the core Lava World began. A message is dispatched from Coron to the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet in the Angel Hook, using ancient Old Federation channels - unlikely to be scanned by Imperial intelligence units. Captain Ronin Kociero of the Pathfinder intercepts the message and the EPF commit almost all of their combat-ready, active warships to immediate FTL transition to the Corona System to intercept the Imperial Fleet. Beginning of the first large-scale conflict between the two factions. Beginning of the Civil War Era.]

<-> [After a short stand-off, the Imperial Fleet over Coron begins to cruise into planetary assault range, the Coronian Government fears the worst. However, an EPF Fleet lead by the Battlecruisers Pathfinder and Eridonia's Hope transitions a "blind" FTL jump through the gravity field denial of the lead ship, the AIN Dreadnought Nobilis Historia, and forces the Fleet into an engagement, drawing it away from the world. Despite heavy losses, the EPF successfully occupy the Imperial forces long enough for CoRE to deploy an experimental countermeasure for the Imperial Navy's 4th Generation SPARTAN-E Missile System; which proves to be a success. Shortly after the first battle, the EPF fleet withdraws to lower orbit over Coron, under constant bombardment from the Imperial Fleet's long range weapons. Taking losses, Captain Ronin Kociero and the Pathfinder launch a daring raid on the Nobilis Historia, using data provided by her ex-captain, and Ronin's Daughter, Amiori Kociero, the EPF successfully board and disable the Historia, eventually commandeering the powerful Pattern-3 Dreadnought and use her guns against the attacking Imperial battlecruisers and sub-capital ships to great success. The Imperial Fleet withdraws and the EPF declares a major strategic victory; raising its flag over the Corona System. The Aquarian Civil War begins proper, and the ATIS Council declares a state of sector-wide emergency; preparation for a full scale war begins]

<-> [Amiori Kociero, aboard the turncoat-Imperial Dreadnought, Nobilis Historia, now flying EPF colours, receives a mysterious communication from the dreadnought's QEC mainframe.]

<-> [With conviction to re-establish control of the newly succeeded Corona System, the ATIS Council withdraws combined elements of the Imperial Navy's Tempest and Angel Sector Fleets to the Core Systems, the first time such a large-scale military deployment has been seen in Central Aquarius since the Radacri Wars some 450 cycles prior. An uneasy ceasefire holds as direct intervention from the Chairman of the ATIS Council orders the Imperial Navy to hold its positions surrounding the sector. Fleet-scale deployments consisting of multiple division-size flotillas, each with several dozen Task Forces from the Imperial Navy's 'New Fleet' re-armament project, equipped with the newly introduced RE-II-class Battlecruiser and SP Pattern-2 (SP2) class Fleet Destroyers are formed in the Freedom's Torch, Corsis I and II, Atoris, Proteus Major and Eridonia systems; occupying all major Jump-lanes into Corona. Anticipating a full-scale conventional war, the EPFP, supported by the turncoat Coronian Security Forces, brace for the worst. Legendary Captain Ronin Kociero and the Pathfinder fleet take up front-line positions over the world of Corona, continuing to broadcast messages to the rest of Aquarius in hopes to stir up more rebellions in the Imperial States.]

<-> [Sub-cycles pass, and no direct offensive from the Imperial Navy takes place. The uneasy ceasefire holds, with the EFPF and Coronian forces unable to mount any form of counter-offensive; Imperial Navy warships had blockaded all primary Jump-lanes out of the system, and long-range SDD scans of nearby star systems by EPFP sensor probes indicated the Imperial Navy had deployed, en masse, strategic Gravimetric Gyro Sub Space Denial equipment, preventing 'blind-jumps' at close range. The Imperial Navy Tempest Defence Fleet's 10th and 11th Vanguard Divisions, consisting of half a dozen Task Forces each, begins amassing in Eridonia, as news spreads around sector of the rebellion, the Chairman of the ATIS Council makes a direct address to the People of Aquarius, including the EFPF rebels, from the historic capital system.]

4462 A.D 

<-> [The Aquarian Imperial Navy Angel Sector Fleet's 1st Core Fleet launches a surprise offensive on the EFPF home system of Old Bastion's Star with two combined Task Forces resulting in the catastrophic loss of the colony on Bastion to orbital bombardment with thermobaric weapons. After the siege, Rear Admiral Ahlbor Jernik, the commanding officer of the battlecruiser Fire of Eridonia - and commander of the siege - is arrested by Red Sector special forces on the bridge of his warship. After a short service flying EFPF colours, the ex-Imperial Dreadnought, now named Caroline Anne Webb after the Old Federal war veteran, is re-captured by the Imperial Navy and escorted back to Lorentis, presumably with her ex-captain, and daughter of Legendary Ronin Kociero, Amiori, still aboard. During the siege, ancient pre-fall battlecruiser Eridonia's Hope, flying EFPF colours is severely damaged and stricken in orbit over Bastion. Her crew desperately attempt to keep the ship in stable orbit after she slipped into Bastion's gravity well with her drives offline and reserve power failing. They succeed in stabilising the old warship, and she remains in orbit, undergoing repairs and acting as the base for the EFPF's almost futile search and rescue operation for the burning colony below. Shortly after the battle, the light cruiser Winter Blossom struck an orbital mine deployed by Imperial Navy forces and receives critical damage, dropping uncontrollably into Bastion's atmosphere and eventually crashing on the surface, with almost total loss of her crew.]

4463 A.D 

<-> [Imperial Navy Sector Defence forces intercept a suspected EFPF blockade runner in the Cresent System.]

4465 A.D 

<-> [Despite hopes of renewed resistance emerging as a result of the active recruitment campaigns during the early stages of the Aquarian Civil War, the EFPF's numbers dwindle as defectors from the Imperial States see a sharp decline; fewer and fewer people are willing to

oppose the Imperial Government, a direct result of the first stages of the implementation of the Universal Compliance Network.]

4467 A.D 

<-> [An explorer vessel crewed by veteran outer-sector derelict hunters goes missing in Misery's Deep, adding to the countless other ships that have disappeared in the system.]

4469 A.D 

<-> [Imperial Navy Tempest Defence Fleet's 10th and 11th Vanguard Divisions, supported by elements from the Core Sector Fleet and Imperial Navy Corona Sector Defence forces, breach Coron's orbit and eliminate separatist forces, including several turn-coat FSF Farlease-class cruisers operated by the Coronian Republic. Remaining EFPF ships in orbit are forced to withdraw. The Imperial Planetary Forces garrison planet-side achieves several major strategic victories against the rebellion, capturing most of the separatist magneto-cities with direct support from the Imperial Navy in orbit. The separatist government of Corona surrenders, but sporadic resistance pockets continue to fight on.

4470 A.D 

<-> [EFPF cruiser, Liberta, is lost along with two frigates in the outskirts of the Corona System after deep space fighters operating from Imperial Navy fleet carrier divisions deployed anti-ship missiles; successfully destroying the formation with no survivors. Corona System is cut off from EFPF contact relayed in-system, leaving the last few resistance fighters on Coron completely isolated. Imperial Special Service agents neutralise almost all remaining rebel agents on the world within the cycle, acting on intelligence gained from informants working through the Universal Compliance Network. ]

<-> [Coronian Government officials are executed for treason, and the world's local government is restructured and re-installed under the ATIS Flag. Return of Corona to the Imperial States.]

4471 A.D 

<-> [An attempted 'terrorist' attack on an Imperial Navy shipping platform orbiting Helia Prime, in the Helia System, is thwarted by ISS operatives operating with Crimson Marine Shock units. Two civilian freighter ships laden with illegal explosive materials are intercepted after attempting to breach an orbital Restriction Zone. The Imperial Navy's 2nd Angel Sector Fleet is placed on high alert in-system as potential dissidents among the civilian population planet-side are suppressed by the ISS.PCD with support from the Imperial Planetary Forces garrison.]

4495 A.D 

<-> [The legendary Pathfinder under the control of the now enigmatic CoRE returns to Aquarius under the guise 'Lost Shadow', becoming known after attending a covert meeting with representatives of the ATIS Directorship. During the meeting, both parties, despite cool relations, agree to work together for mutual benefit. ]

4501 A.D 

<-> [A former ISAR corporate mining operation, supervised by ATIS, on Helia-1, in the Helia System, comes under attack from unknown 'nomadic' raiders that were present on the planet before the ISAR corporations arrived, potentially dating back to the TSRC-era. Helian Planetary Defence Force troops conduct routine patrols to attempt to contain the situation. ]

<-> [A Tyandirrc Subspace beacon is discovered under the dunes on Helia-1, which had caused the native tribes, themselves descended from ancient TSRC shipwreck survivors, to believe it was the act of their mysterious deity. The Helian Planetary Defence Forces quickly lose control of the situation as Tyandirric warships arrive in the system. The ATIS Imperial Navy's Angel Sector Fleet's 1st Rapid Response Fleet is deployed to Helia to control the situation, resulting in a major orbital, unusually close-range space-combat engagement between ATIS and Tyandirric fleets. Beginning of the First Human-Tyandirric War. ]

<-> [Imperial Special Service monitoring of the developments on Helia-1 allowed a quick deployment in response to the developing alien threat. The ATIS Imperial Navy's Angel Sector Fleet, 1st Rapid Response Fleet achieves a decisive first-victory in the Human-Tyandirric war, successfully repelling the forward elements of the alien invasion force that had arrived through the Subspace beacon discovered on Helia-1. The beacon is disabled and brought in for analysis.]

<-> [ATIS enacts the Strategic Defence Initiative for the Angel Reach and Angel-Crimson Pass Sectors, deploying multiple Standing Fleets to the Angel Reach in preparation for a major, and protracted conflict with anticipated approaching Tyandirric invasion fleets.]

4515 A.D 

<-> [Legendary Captain and one of the only remaining Old Earth-era veterans, Captain Ronin Kociero, succumbs to neurological degeneration caused by acute ANV exposure some hundreds of cycles prior. His death marks the beginning of the end of the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, which after the assault on Old Bastion's Star in 4462 A.D, had already began falling apart. End of the Aquarian Civil War. Beginning of the Compliance Era.]

4521 A.D 

<-> [ATIS IPF begins operations to discover the source of strange phenomena in the Earthway District ruins on Eridonia, the former capital world of the Old Federation. The Earthway Task Force is formed as a specialist division within the command structure of the IPF, and tasked with performing deep recon operations within the ruins. The Task force is lead by the once forgotten son of the legendary Ronin Kociero, Ashley Kociero. Events unfold that lead to speculation that the Tyandirric forces could be attempting to stage a similar FTL-gate exit point as they did over Helia, some years earlier - but with drones deployed to Eridonia long before the Fall of the UTN. ]


4600 A.D 

<-> [By the turn of the 47th century, essentially all human beings in Aquarius were fully compliant with the Universal Compliance Network, marking the beginning of the 'Compliance Era', and solidifying the unquestionable authority of the Imperial Government of ATIS, upon all of humanity in Aquarius.]

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