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(Event) The Aftershock

A cataclysmic event erupting from beyond the Tempest Ridge Nebula. The Aftershock was an electromagnetic and Polarytic radiation wave of largely unknown origin that tore through Aquarius, ultimately resulting in the Fall of the UTN, in 4040 A.D

(Event) The Aftershock

||IMAGE: The Great Scar. The Stellar remnant of the subspace fissure from beyond the Tempest Ridge Nebula, where the Aftershock originated from, observed from the Lorentis System - showing the sheer scale of the event. Two Vujlcyon Conglomerate destroyers can be seen in the foreground, on their way to Lorentis during the contact between the TLA and the VC in 4250 A.D / 2012 F.D.S.

During the final cycles of the Radacri Wars, UTN Military Command realised that the continuous onslaught by the hostile alien species was not a war the Federation could win, or even survive. With its back to the proverbial wall, humanity unleashed the most devastating weapon in recorded history; the Hammer of Aquarius. Then-president of the UTN, Marco Rennford, is quoted as asking for forgiveness for potentially being the catalyst of a destructive force never before seen in human history.

After the Deployment of the Hammer, the Radacri invasion suddenly halted, and the aliens began to withdraw beyond the Tempest Ridge Nebula. An energy release was detected soon after; Polarytic radiation surging through subspace at relative speeds greater than light. This wave would reach Aquarius and devastate the Old Federation's very home worlds, toppling the government and plunging the cluster into a dark, uncertain future. It would become known as the 'Aftershock' to Terran historians; a result of the deployment of the Hammer of Aquarius.

The exact cause of the Aftershock is largely unknown. Terran historians ands scientists speculated it could have been a devastating retaliation by the Aliens' own super weapon, aimed at destroying humanity entirely. Other theories include, given the presence of energised Polarytic radiation, a reaction from a tear in Subspace caused by the destruction of dozens of Solar Systems form the initial energy release caused by the Hammer. Regardless of its origin, what is known is that it changed Aquarius, and humanity, forever.

Marking the downfall of humanity's greatest and most long-lived superpower, the Unified Terran Nations. The Aftershock is perhaps an ironic form of karma for humanity's arrogance in unleashing such uncontrollable, indiscriminating destruction.

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