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Factions - Terran

|| Originating from Earth in the Sol System, humanity first arrived in Aquarius in 2202 A.D


(Ruins of Eridonia) Marauders

A loosely affiliated collective of criminal raiders, pirates and freeloaders largely descended from remnants of the Tiger Sharks pirate cartels that descended onto Eridonia after the Aftershock.


(Imperial Era) Helian Planetary Defence Forces

Military and paramilitary branch of the semi-independent Helian Government of ISAR, focusing on providing security and defensive capabilities to planetary surface interests in the Helia system.


(Imperial Era) Independent States of the Angel Reach

The Independent States of the Angel Reach, or ISAR, is a loose federation of independent System States occupying habitable systems of the Angel Reach, G-West of Aquarius. ISAR was officially incorporated as a client state into the Aquarian Terran Imperial States in 4404 A.D.


(Old Earth / Old Federal Era) Terran Space Research Corporation

Once at the frontier of human technological progression, the now enigmatic Terran Space Research Corporation is shrouded in mystery, its ultimate fate unknown. What is known, however, is that many of the advanced technologies utilised across Aquarius originated in the TSRC's secret laboratories in the Angel Nebula.


(Old Federal Era ) Hyruuki Heavy Industries

One of the largest and most influential Old Federation-era Corporations, Hyruuki Heavy Industries was an industrial power house of manufacturing, development, planetary mining and exploitation. Hyruuki possessed many top-level contracts from the Old Federal Government of the UTN directly, including advanced and sometimes highly sensitive manufacturing contracts of military star ship hulls, outsourced to private shipyards during the economic downturns of the mid 4th millennium. Due to this, the corporation maintained a very strong and close relationship with the UTN Senate, leading some to accuse it of exploiting this influential status to its own competitive advantage.


(Imperial Era) ATIS Imperial Special Service

The Imperial Special Service, also known as the ISS or simply 'Special Service', is a branch of the ATIS Government, specifically operating directly under the ATIS Council, reporting to both the chairman/chairwoman of that government, or to the Red Sector directly. ISS Is responsible for conducting operations throughout ATIS space that require specialist approaches beyond law enforcment, with a focus on domestic issues such as counter-terrorism and citizen compliance.


(Imperial era) Imperial Special Service Population Compliance Department

The ISS.PCD is the branch of the Aquarian Terran Imperial States' Special Service governmental agency responsible for enforcing the Universal Compliance Network among the civilian population of Aquarius under the ATIS flag. ISS.PCD operates an arsenal of counter-terrorism and specialist units that work directly with the UAS Civic Government's Law Enforcement agencies such as the Federal Security Forces, in ensuring all citizens in Aquarius comply with the Imperial Law.


(Imperial Era) ATIS Imperial Bureau of Naval Intelligence

IBNI is the Special Operations and Intelligence branch of the Aquarian Imperial Navy. The organisation is a government-controlled, independent command structure tasked with providing the AIN with up to date intelligence on any and all points of interest that they require. IBNI operates its own Fleet Command structure and several Task Forces within the sub-divisions of each of the AIN's Sector Fleets. While they operate under the flag of the Imperial Navy, IBNI Task Forces report directly to the ATIS Council, and even Red Sector itself. The primary goal of the IBNI Task Force is to operate specialist remote monitoring, early warning, reconnaissance, espionage and advanced electronic and cyber warfare systems alongside the standard ranks of the ATIS Imperial Navy, allowing greater flexibility in dynamic deployment situations.


(Imperial Era) Aquarian Federal Security Forces

The Aquarian Federal Security Forces is a paramilitary organisation operating as the law-enforcement branch of the civic UAS government in Aquarius. The FSF maintains an extensive fleet of purpose-built law enforcement vessels and personnel in order to handle any domestic security issues present in the cluster.


(Persistent) Red Sector

Every Government needs to enact influence upon its people and beyond that transcends the very principles of the founding of that Government. The Old Federation was no different, and this enigmatic organisation exists, and was born entirely for the purpose of protecting humankind, from itself. It is perhaps ironic that such a seemingly noble cause would be the root cause of humanity's turmoil among the stars in Aquarius. But, perhaps, it was naïve to attempt to change human nature.


(Imperial Era) United Aquarian Systems

During the 44th and 45th centuries, the Federal UAS moved to a more centralised government, with the Senate and Joint Presidential Council on Lorentis assuming more direct control of Aquarian Space. Eventually the new government would enact the Unification Protocol and authority would be given to a new flag, the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, jointly lead by the Supranational organisation, Red Sector. The new state, ATIS, was no longer a Federation; instead, an Imperial Republic governed by a representative selected from Red Sector and its lackeys in the UAS Senate. This marked the end of widespread democracy in Aquarius.

The former federation of the UAS transitioned to a single, sovereign nation under a new flag: the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States. Despite this, the UAS still exists under the new banner as a civilian governmental branch responsible for domestic affairs within Aquarius.

The new government has been compared to ancient politically right-wing conservative (for its time), nationalist and even authoritarian by some scholars, but nonetheless maintains peace and order throughout Aquarius.

At present, the UAS Civilian Government governs the domestic affairs of the Aquarian Core Systems, largely independent, but still under the shadow of the ATIS Council.


(Imperial Era) Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet

An organisation founded and lead by Legendary Captain Ronin Kociero of the Pathfinder. The Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet fights to restore the values of the Old Federation to Aquarius, vowing to bring down the new authoritarian regime that took its place, ATIS.


(Imperial Era) Aquarian Imperial Navy

During the Unification Protocol Act of 4402, and the subsequent transition of the Federal States into an Imperial Republic lead by the ATIS council, the UAS Federal Navy, also known as the Aquarian Federal Navy was disbanded and its command structure re-ordered into the new Aquarian Imperial Navy. AIN operates on largely the same principles as the AFN, but the Board of Admiralty now directly reports to the ATIS Council and the Chairman of the Imperial States, with no devolved command structure between the civilian government and military leadership.


(Imperial Era) Aquarian-Terran Imperial States

The Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, or ATIS, is a Sovereign Imperial, pseudo neo-Marxist state formed by the UAS Government and the Red Sector Organisation in 4402 A.D., in order to unite humanity under a single flag. As such, ATIS is no longer held to a federal constitution, instead the government is an Imperial Autocracy with elements of civic republic government; with members of the ATIS Council being selected by both the UAS and RSEC leadership. Absolute authority remains with the Chairman or Chairwoman of the Council; although true authority of the state is still the domain of the somewhat enigmatic Directorship.


(New Federal Era) Aquarian Federal Navy

The Aquarian Federal Navy, or AFN, formerly the UAS Federal Navy (UFN), was the primary military branch of the United Aquarian Systems. The Navy encompasses all aspects of space-based warfare and marine operations.


(Non-Aquarian) UK1

A highly advanced national power that once resided within Aquarius. After a short series of border skirmishes with the UTN, the United Kingdom vanished from known space. Little data is available on the current location or circumstances of this nation from the perspective of Aquarian powers.


(Old Earth) United Kingdom

A once proud nation of ancient times, the United Kingdom became a hermit state after leaving the European Union in 2020 A.D, focusing on internal revitilisation of its economy and industrial power. The United Kingdom refused alliance with the United States of North America and the United European States, instead remaining independent of the major global superpowers.

During the Fossil Wars, the UK began its own project to abandon the dying Earth, leading to the development of a vast orbiting facility - originally intended as a deep-space mining starship - known as UK1. The United Kingdom would eventually leave the Earth under its own flag sometime in the 22nd century. Very little data is available on the ultimate fate of the United Kingdom at this time.


(Old Earth) United European States

A supranational organisation formed from the ancient European Union of Old Earth. As the political climate on Earth in the mid 21st century deteriorated, the EU became focused on greater centralisation, and in the interest of bringing together squabbling member states: formed a single-government with limited devolution per state, reformed into what became the United European States, or UES.

The UES would eventually go on to form an alliance with the United States of Northern America; the Western Alliance, essentially replacing the ancient NATO military organisation as the dominant 'western' power on Old Earth.


(Old Earth) United States of Northern America

A superpower of the Old Earth. During the mid 21st Century, the original United States of America (USA) restructured politically after years of government infighting and corruption. The new government placed more centralised control on each member state, and the name would be adjusted to reflect the nation's distinction from South American states, which had risen to power well into the 21st century: a subject of cool relations with the incumbent superpower of the Americas. Eventually, the USNA would form a military alliance, the Western Alliance, with the reformed EU; the European States, which had undergone a similar form of governmental centralisation.

The principles of government of the USNA would eventually leave a lasting legacy with the Unified Terran Nations 200 years later; and the ideals of freedom would be carried forward for another 3 millenium.


(Old Earth) Russo-Sino Alliance

The Russo-Sino Alliance was an old-Earth superpower formed from the ancient national states of China and Russia. After years of co-operation against the western superpowers, the RSA was eventually formed in response to the formation of the United States of North America, and their subsequent alliance with the United European States. During the Fossil Wars, in retaliation to a USNA invasion of Siberia, the RSA would achieve major military victories against the USNA and eventually the UES, with nuclear bombing of Alaska and the invasion of Europe.

Eventually, the RSA would ratify the Treaty of Humanity with its former enemies, and begin its own project to leave the dying Earth, whose descendents would pass through the Shifted Wormhole in Sol and eventually form the Phoenix Republic. Seperatists who remained on Earth re-united the stricken civilisation and formed the Central Earth Government.

In a twist of fate, both descendents of the RSA would become major allies against thier ancient, former enemy, now entrenched in Aquarius as the most powerful state in human history, the UTN.


(Old Earth) Western Alliance

The Western Alliance was an old-Earth superpower formed from the ancient European and North American national states. The alliance would unite Western civilisation into a single, supranational organisation with the primary intent of solidifying its position as the dominant world power. During the Fossil Wars, the Alliance suffered a civil war after plans to leave the Earth with the Exodus Project became publicly known. In the following years, the alliance collapsed, and the CEG annexed most of its remaining terrority. The Western Alliance's legacy was the Starship 'Eridonia' which would discover the system of her namesake, forming the first extra-solar colony in human history in 2205 A.D, and the subsequent formation of the Unified Terran Nations in 2238 A.D. The descendents of the Western Alliance would go on to form the most powerful nation state in human history.


(Old Earth / Old Federal Era) Central Earth Government

The Central Earth Government was established by the branches of the old RSA government, and other national states on Earth, that disagreed with the Alliance's plans to abandon the dying planet. In 2092 A.D, after the collapse of the Western Alliance and the departure of the RSA's own Exodus Starship sometime in the 22nd century, the CEG would become the single, domninant power on Earth for millenia to come.

Very little data is available on the CEG in the Eridonian Archives. The CEG is known to have established a military alliance with the RSA-descended Phoenix Republic sometime in circa ~2560 A.D. Ultimately, starting with the Barrier 13 incident, the UTN would declare war on the CEG and the resulant miliary conflict would push the CEG out of Aquarius where they have not been seen since.

CEG-designed warships are still common place in modern times, as they were routinely used by the Phoenix Republic during the Phoenix Campaign. As of 4300 A.D, CEG-type Armoured and Heavy cruisers still make up a large portion of the inventories of various independent, unaligned and outlaw organisations throughout the Aquarius Cluster. There is no data concerning the fate of the CEG on Earth, or the Earth itself at this time.


(Old Federal Era) Phoenix Republic

The Phoenix Republic was a national state with its capitol world of Phoenix in the Phoenix Cluster, south of the Aquarius Cluster. The Republic was formed from the descendents of the Russio-Sino Alliance exodus vessel that left the dying Earth over 3000 cycles ago. Ultimately, the Republic would be reunited with the seperatistis from the Earth that eventually formed the Central Earth Government, and the two states would forge an alliance in the shadow of the UTN.

The Republic maintained a cool relationship with the Aquarian superpower, the UTN, cooling further with the Barrier 13 incident in 2601 A.D, when the Federation declared war on its long-term Ally, the CEG. Ultimately, the relationship between the two states would deterioate further until the UTN officially declared war on the Phoenix Republic in 3721 A.D after multiple terrorist attacks in UTN space. Over the next 500 cycles, the Republic would be dismantled and its space annexed by the Federation in one of the longest military campaigns in human history.


(Post Old Federal Era) United Systems Terran Transitionary Alliance

The USTTA Was a temporary transition government set up to maintain national order during the reformation of the old Terran Loyalist Alliance into the United Aquarian Systems prior to 4299 A.D.


(Post Old Federal Era) Terran Loyalist Alliance

The Terran Loyalist Alliance was a transitionary government established by the surviving Lorentian National Government after the Fall of the UTN in 4042 A.D. The Alliance intended to re-unite the survivors of the Aftershock and restore order to the former worlds of UTN, now known as the Old Federation. After nearly 300 cycles of conflict against discordant forces in the cluster, the TLA eventually liberated most of the former terrorities of the Old Federation, and in 4299 A.D, formed the United Aquarian Systems with an alliance with the newly contacted Vujlcyon Conglomerate - an alien species from beyond the Crimson Barrier.


(Old Federal Era) Unified Terran Nations (Old Federation)

The Unified Terran Nations was a coalition of three major nations within the Aquarius Sector of the Milkyway, founded in 2238 A.D. At the height of its power in the middle of the 3rd millenium, the UTN was the largest and most powerful civilisation in human history. Political beliefs, goals and methods were dictated by a council of representitives from each respective nation. Together, through unified strength and will, the UTN aimed to restore Humanity to peace and prosperity under a solid and democratic government. There were 3 Core Systems, 42 Secondary systems and roughly 178 Inhabited planets in the UTN.

The UTN was destroyed in 4040 A.D by a cataclysmic event of unknown nature, originating beyond the Tempest Ridge, after a bloody war with an aggressive alien species known as the Radacri. The Terran Loyalist Alliance, and ultimately, the United Aquarian Systems is the direct descendent of the UTN Government.


(New Federal Era) United Aquarian Systems

The United Aquarian Systems is a terran national state with its capitol world of Lorentis, in the Aquarius Cluster. The UAS rose from the ashes of the Old Federation, destroyed by the Aftershock in 4040 A.D, after a long and bloody war with an alien species known as the Illuvian Radacri. The transitionary government of the Terran Loyalist Alliance was responsible for the formation of the new state, with most of its government and leadership assuming roles in the new senate.

The UAS intended to restore terran order to the cluster and beyond, and bring about a new golden age of peace, prosperity and order for humanity into the 5th millennium and beyond.

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