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(Imperial Era) Aquarian Federal Security Forces


The Aquarian Federal Security Forces is a paramilitary organisation operating as the law-enforcement branch of the civic UAS government in Aquarius. The FSF maintains an extensive fleet of purpose-built law enforcement vessels and personnel in order to handle any domestic security issues present in the cluster.

The Aquarian Federal Security Forces is responsible for maintaining civil order and law in the previously UAS-controlled systems of Aquarian Space. Originally, the Aquarian Federal Police operating under the pre-Imperial UAS government transitioned almost seamlessly into a new command structure under the new civic-oriented UAS domestic government, with minimal input from the newly established Imperial States Government (ATIS), however in recent years the FSF has become more specialised with direct input from the ATIS Council on many matters relating to domestic security.

The primary role of the FSF is to enforce the law and provide essential security services to the core and primary systems of the UAS Civic Domain, under the guidance of the ATIS Council. Such duties include enforcing off-world anti-criminal mandates, intercepting smugglers and various counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations. Each world in the UAS Civic Domain possesses its own planet-side security service operating under the local government of that world, in the case of Lorentis, security is handled almost entirely by the Imperial Special Service. Extra-planetary infrastructure such as orbiting facilities and space-lanes between major worlds and installations are policed by the Federal Security Forces, operating between local systems with no restricted borders or legal differentiations between states - something that was tightened up during the transition to the Imperial Era in 4402 A.D.

FSF operates from essentially every major space installation and its patrol forces cover every corner of the UAS Civic Domain. The organisation operates a fleet of purpose-built law enforcement vessels based on upgraded existing, civilian designs or purpose-built paramilitary designs outfitted specifically for Law Enforcement. However, a relatively large number of pre-fall, ex-Old Federal Navy Farlease-class Light Cruisers were retrofitted into 'mobile police stations', also designated as Federal Security Cruisers, and pressed back into Aquarian Federal Police Service during the New Federal Era, and have largely remained in service well into the Imperial Era due to their reliability and relative low cost of maintenance. As such, it is fairly common to see the Federal Security Services operating Farlease-class vessels in a mobile base capacity, in such situations these former military light cruisers have been converted into mobile jail cells for detainment and interrogation of criminals, storage of seized contraband items or evidence. Additional space freed up from the removal of the primary stern B-type hardpoint on these vessels also allows extensive hangar facilities for Interceptor-class police vessels (autonomous and multi-seat).

Such Federal Security Cruisers posses advanced long-range scanning technology allowing them to monitor shipping and traffic remotely across vast distances, in addition to receiving distress signals from civilian ships under threat. Currently, the FSF operates approximately four hundred FSCs across Aquarius.

||Zone Restriction Enforcement / notes on traffic law enforcement
One of the major roles of the Federal Security Service is to enforce designated 'Restricted Zones' in almost all major systems in Aquarius; such zones are often restricted due to the presence of nearby military installations or naval facilities operated and protected by the ATIS Military and Aquarian Imperial Navy. The transition to the Imperial Era saw a significant reduction in the 'freedom' of movement of civilian traffic in and around Aquarius, especially the Core Systems; with Lorentis even having a dystopic reputation for independent space-borne traffic.

Zone restrictions are typically enforced around major shipping routes and installations, including jump gates and orbital infrastructure. The Federal Security Forces are tasked with intercepting civilian ships deviating from the fixed shipping lanes and apprehending anyone considered a wider security risk. In the Core Systems, civilian traffic is strictly controlled and not permitted to deviate from shipping lanes or approach protected installations under any circumstances - in fact, it is even a criminal offence to operate a civilian spacecraft in manual control mode in the Core Systems, and is only permitted at all in the Outer Systems; far beyond the Zone Restrictions of many major planet or installation.

As such, FSF interceptors monitor the traffic in major shipping lanes for craft not displaying valid auto-flight control credentials and/or acting erratically, in such a situation the FSF is the front line in dealing with criminal behaviour in the UAS Civic Domain. If a craft deviates from the strict shipping lane in a Core System, the Traffic Control Network will announce to the pilot(s) that a deviation has been detected and provide a minute to correct it (in case of accident or system failure), failing that, FSF Interceptors are deployed and contact the vessel directly, disabling and apprehending the crew if necessary. If the vessel attempts to flee capture by the FSF Law Enforcement vessels, the Traffic Control Network is alerted and the FSF Counter-Insurgency/Counter-Terrorism units are activated; usually launched from a nearby Federal Security Cruiser or installation. In such a situation, the infringing vessel is given a very short time to comply before the FSFCI/CT units deploy deadly force. The average total amount of time for a deviating vessel between detection and potential death of its crew is approximately three minutes, as such compliance is often indicated within the first few seconds if a mistake has taken place.

Federal Security Forces' CI/CT units have direct contact with the Aquarian Imperial Navy's Home Sector Fleet Command operating in that system, and are able to request Imperial Navy assistance for dealing with situations where a significant threat is recognised. Once the AIN is involved, the suspect vessel is considered an enemy of the state and subject to extreme lethality by every weapon in the Imperial Navy's arsenal.

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