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(Imperial Era) United Aquarian Systems


During the 44th and 45th centuries, the Federal UAS moved to a more centralised government, with the Senate and Joint Presidential Council on Lorentis assuming more direct control of Aquarian Space. Eventually the new government would enact the Unification Protocol and authority would be given to a new flag, the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, jointly lead by the Supranational organisation, Red Sector. The new state, ATIS, was no longer a Federation; instead, an Imperial Republic governed by a representative selected from Red Sector and its lackeys in the UAS Senate. This marked the end of widespread democracy in Aquarius.

The former federation of the UAS transitioned to a single, sovereign nation under a new flag: the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States. Despite this, the UAS still exists under the new banner as a civilian governmental branch responsible for domestic affairs within Aquarius.

The new government has been compared to ancient politically right-wing conservative (for its time), nationalist and even authoritarian by some scholars, but nonetheless maintains peace and order throughout Aquarius.

At present, the UAS Civilian Government governs the domestic affairs of the Aquarian Core Systems, largely independent, but still under the shadow of the ATIS Council.

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