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(New Federal Era) Aquarian Federal Navy


The Aquarian Federal Navy, or AFN, formerly the UAS Federal Navy (UFN), was the primary military branch of the United Aquarian Systems. The Navy encompasses all aspects of space-based warfare and marine operations.

Officially founded in 4300 A.D, one cycle after the ratifcation of the UAS Charter and the dissolution of the Terran Loyalist Navy, the Federal Navy has upheld the long-standing traditions of peace by order dating back to the Old Federation Navy before the Fall. The Navy underwent major reforms in the middle of the 44th century, with a more centralised command structure, to which became known as the Aquarian Federal Navy, or AFN.

The AFN operated under five major divisions, each with their own chain of command that ultimately reported to the Board of Admirality and the Joint Presential Council including the Chairman of the UAS. The three exterior branches encompass all of known space, with each primary sector - Angel Sector, Phoenix Sector and Tempest Sector each having their own command structure overseeing all AFN operations within each respective region around the Aquarius Cluster. The Expeditionary Fleet, which operated outside of known space - and is the out-reaching fist of the UAS's Military in any major conflict.

Under the Unification Act of 4402 A.D, the AFN Fleet was inherited by the Aquarian Imperial Navy under the command of the ATIS Council. As a result, the old AFN is essentially defunct, save for the Home Sector Fleet which still retains a small fleet of warships to protect the Core Systems, under the authority of the Civilian Federal Government of the UAS.

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