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(New Federal Era) United Aquarian Systems


The United Aquarian Systems is a terran national state with its capitol world of Lorentis, in the Aquarius Cluster. The UAS rose from the ashes of the Old Federation, destroyed by the Aftershock in 4040 A.D, after a long and bloody war with an alien species known as the Illuvian Radacri. The transitionary government of the Terran Loyalist Alliance was responsible for the formation of the new state, with most of its government and leadership assuming roles in the new senate.

The UAS intended to restore terran order to the cluster and beyond, and bring about a new golden age of peace, prosperity and order for humanity into the 5th millennium and beyond.

The UAS had a long and proud heritage as the dominant Terran lineage in the Aquarius Sector. Formed from the ashes of the Old Federation, the new Federation has learned from many of its ancestors mistakes. The modern United Aquarian Systems started with a very similar government and political structure to the Old Federation; a single unified government would govern a supranational organisation of multiple, smaller System States with their own devolved governments on a local scale.

Towards the end of the New Federal Era, the UAS underwent major political reforms, eventually becoming more right-leaning and authoritarian, ultimately culminating in the formation of the Aquarian Terran Imperial States in 4402 A.D, making the dawn of the Imperial Era.

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