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(Old Earth / Old Federal Era) Central Earth Government


The Central Earth Government was established by the branches of the old RSA government, and other national states on Earth, that disagreed with the Alliance's plans to abandon the dying planet. In 2092 A.D, after the collapse of the Western Alliance and the departure of the RSA's own Exodus Starship sometime in the 22nd century, the CEG would become the single, domninant power on Earth for millenia to come.

Very little data is available on the CEG in the Eridonian Archives. The CEG is known to have established a military alliance with the RSA-descended Phoenix Republic sometime in circa ~2560 A.D. Ultimately, starting with the Barrier 13 incident, the UTN would declare war on the CEG and the resulant miliary conflict would push the CEG out of Aquarius where they have not been seen since.

CEG-designed warships are still common place in modern times, as they were routinely used by the Phoenix Republic during the Phoenix Campaign. As of 4300 A.D, CEG-type Armoured and Heavy cruisers still make up a large portion of the inventories of various independent, unaligned and outlaw organisations throughout the Aquarius Cluster. There is no data concerning the fate of the CEG on Earth, or the Earth itself at this time.

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