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(Old Federal Era ) Hyruuki Heavy Industries


One of the largest and most influential Old Federation-era Corporations, Hyruuki Heavy Industries was an industrial power house of manufacturing, development, planetary mining and exploitation. Hyruuki possessed many top-level contracts from the Old Federal Government of the UTN directly, including advanced and sometimes highly sensitive manufacturing contracts of military star ship hulls, outsourced to private shipyards during the economic downturns of the mid 4th millennium. Due to this, the corporation maintained a very strong and close relationship with the UTN Senate, leading some to accuse it of exploiting this influential status to its own competitive advantage.

Hyruuki was one of the Old Federation's 'Big Four' mega-corporations. It was perhaps the largest and most widespread of the quartet within Central Aquarius, operating a formidable fleet of paramilitary security vessels, along with direct co-ordination with the Federal Navy itself. Approximately two thirds of all privately owned heavy shipyards in Central Aquarius at the time of the Fall were owned and operated in some capacity by Hyruuki Heavy Industries.

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