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(Ruins of Eridonia) Marauders


A loosely affiliated collective of criminal raiders, pirates and freeloaders largely descended from remnants of the Tiger Sharks pirate cartels that descended onto Eridonia after the Aftershock.

The Marauders, as they are known by the local survivor and scavenger groups, are a vicious, loosely organised collective of criminal elements and raiders that formed from Tiger Shark raiding parties arriving on Eridonia some time after the Aftershock decimated the Old Federation in 4040 A.D. Over the cycles following the downfall of Aquarian civilisation, these groups established themselves as a powerful 'organisation' within the tiered city ruins of the Eridonian Megapolis ruins, exerting this dominance on any and all survivors through forced 'tithes' and raiding parties to pure violence to keep them in line.

The initial arrival of Tiger Shark cartel elements on Eridonia occurred some time between 4040 A.D and 4050 A.D, when the pirate groups operating from the Angel Nebula began raiding Old Federation space after Navy patrols in the Angel Reach essentially stopped in the late cycle of 4040 A.D, due to the Aftershock. The Pirates had been largely shielded from the most dangerous radiation of the Aftershock by the immense magnetic fields and particulate barriers of the Angel Nebula. Upon their arrival in Aquarius, they found only ruins ripe for pillaging and small groups of survivors among the myriad worlds and stations of the Angel Reach, and Outer Aquarius, struggling to carve out an existence in this brave new 'Waste Worlds'.

The complete lack of an organised military or law enforcement capability due to the apparent complete collapse of the Old Federal Government allowed these criminal elements to run unchecked for centuries, arriving on almost all former UTN worlds in the Outer Aquarius sectors and even the Core Worlds of Eridonia and Coron. Splinter groups formed their own domains in the Waste Worlds, with warlords and clans rising up to lay claim to the carcass of the Old Federation; one such clan hoisted its crimson-tinted flag over Eridonia and eventually became the faction known as the Marauders.

For at least 200 cycles they exerted almost total control over large swathes of the Eridonian City Ruins, enslaving and coercing the survivors into a barely tolerable existence of servitude. The pirates became so established in the former capital world of The Old Federation, that their warfleets even managed to keep the forces of the newly emerged Terran Loyalist Alliance at bay for cycles, waging almost constant war in the system even after Coron's liberation by the TLA Fleet in 4056 A.D.

After the formation of the United Aquarian Systems in 4299 A.D, and the subsequent restoration of an official Aquarian Military Power, the Marauder groups on Eridonia lost many sectors of the surface ruins to UAS forces as the New Federation sought to reclaim the old capital world. The famous Eridonia Archives complex along with the old UTN Senate was liberated by UAS troops in 4300 A.D after a full-scale ground offensive, however, the Marauders remained operational on the surface in other districts across the world.

After the formation of the Aquarian Terran Imperial States in 4402 A.D, The new Imperial Government 'tightened the noose' extensively on Eridonia, seeing it as an insult to human civilisation that the former capital world remained largely under criminal control, and by 4450 A.D, the largest ground-focused military operation in human history, supported by a full orbital network of weapons platforms and military warships, had almost fully erased the Marauder presence on the surface, forcing the raiders underground where they remain to this day.

As of 4512 A.D, the Aquarian Terran Imperial States' Eridonia Task Force of the Imperial Planetary Forces is conducting limited operations below the surface to begin the process of eradicating the criminal scum on Eridonia, once and for all.

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