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Updated 23/03/2022


Bio Information

Name: Nugget

Species: Domestic Cat (Felis Catus)

Sex: Male

Breed: 25% Rag-doll 75% Mixed Breed (Moggy)

Coat Type: Longhair Mackeral Tabby

Colour: Beige (Orange/Ginger)

Age: 7 Years

Mother: Bella

Father: Unknown

Personal Information

Outward Temperament: Aggressive / scared

Personal Temperament: A loving boy

Likes: Food, treats, sleeping, being brushed, following Ashley everywhere, playing with his dangling string toy, getting Ashley up by exploiting his OCD about his Computer.

Dislikes: People and animals he doesn't know, Humans sneezing

Likes being picked up: Sometimes

Favourite Sleeping Spot: Ashley's PC chair (Hijacked)

Quirks: Lays on his back, eats vegetables instead of fresh chicken

Nicknames: Nug, Nuggy, Nugatroidian (Horserind), Squatch, Sasquatch, Nugsquatch, Troid, Small Rind, Small Cat, Horsecat, The Ginger


Nugget is my little guy. His story begins with my mum's hairdresser's cat, Bella, escaping before she was 'fixed'. She came home pregnant and soon after, a belly full of kittens. My mum's hairdresser couldn't keep all the kittens so she needed to rehome them.

When I heard about the kittens, I immediately had to go and see them, naturally. My mum told me we couldn't adopt one, but after I saw the little Ginger Guy, I knew I would have to adopt him. After 12 weeks with his mother, we took him home and the rest is history.


Nugget is a Longhair Orange Mackeral Tabby cat. His coat is voluminous and thick, and his tail is very fluffy, like most longhair cats. The fluff on the back of his legs ends abruptly at his 'ankle' and this gives him the appearance of "having his trousers tucked in his boots", as me and mum say. He is extremely soft after brushing.

General Information

Nugget is a misunderstood guy in our neighbourhood. Ever since he was a kitten, he has been extremely scared of people and animals he doesn't recognise. When the young children from next door came to see him as a kitten, he would hiss and recoil, and if they got too close he would potentially attack them with his claws. This hasn't changed a whole lot to this day. That said, with me and my mum he is the most loving boy, a big gentle giant (most of the time). This leads me to believe he has anxiety issues much like I do.

I always say, if you can spend the time to get to know Nugget, he will reward you with his affection. And it's definitely worth it.


(Above) "I'm hungry!"

(Above) Nug (somewhat awkwardly) sleeping in a box with airing clothes. Adorable.

(Above) Nugget laying on his back showing his (rather matted) Forbidden Catbelly. He doesn't often let me brush it, hence the matting. I manage to brush it once a week, if I'm lucky.

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