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(Human - Independent) Ronin Kociero

Legend. Hero. Father.

Ronin Kociero, the captain of the now legendary Pathfinder-class Armoured Cruiser, the first of her class, Pathfinder. In history, never before has so much been owed by so many to one man. Captain Kociero was once the bastion of the Old Federation, the most successful of the Sempiternalis Project, undying, unyielding. Ronin's Daughter, Amiori Kociero, carried in her father's footsteps after the Fall of UTN, to become one of the UAS Fleet's, and ultimately, the Imperial Navy's most respected naval commanders.

(Human - Independent) Ronin Kociero

After the Fall of the UTN and the descent of the Core Worlds into what was known as the Wasteworlds, Ronin lost his cause. The Pathfinder went missing during the Radacri Wars, fighting bravely on the front-lines of the human-alien conflict, never to be seen again come the dawn of the 5th Millennium A.D. The Fall left him a broken man, twisted and bitter. Over the years that followed, he became more and more distant - eventually leaving Aquarius entirely, abandoning his way of life, and his daughter.

Ronin re-established contact with the newly formed United Aquarian Systems some time in the 44th century. However, due to unknown reasons the relationship deteriorated and the once respected legend became an outlaw, wanted by the highest authorities in Aquarius. At the dawn of the Imperial Era in the early 45th century A.D, Ronin had become something of an enigma to the people of Aquarius, and an enemy of the State to the new Authoritarian government, the Aquarian Terran Imperial Systems Council. The once respected legend of the Federation was now the most wanted terrorist criminal in Aquarian space, a thousand years of exemplary service to the People of Aquarius tarnished in a single cycle.

Ronin went on to found the resistance movement, the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, sometime during the transition between the New-Federal and Imperial Eras. Under his leadership, the EFPF would eventually become strong enough to challenge ATIS directly, ushering in the dawn of the Aquarian Civil War Era in 4460 A.D, with the succession of Corona from the Imperial States.

Ronin remained proud of his service to the Old Federation and was driven by a passionate conviction to restore the bastions of peace, equality and freedom for all people of Aquarius once more. Perhaps in the process, restoring the Kociero name as something the people can use to remind themselves of Hope in a time where there is none. However, after the devastating attack on the EFPF's home system of Old Bastion's Star in 4462 A.D, Ronin deteriorated into a depressive cycle, advancing a neurological degenerative disorder caused by ANV exposure hundreds of years ago - eventually resulting in his death in 4515 A.D., marking the end of an Era, and perhaps with it; any hope of freedom.

|| Excerpt from the UAS Federal Security Forces Criminal Database:
Considered armed and Extremely Dangerous, Ronin Kociero is currently the most wanted individual on the UAS Criminal Database Register, for crimes against the State, its people, and the sector of Aquarius. The UAS FSF does not negotiate with Terrorists.

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