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(Human - UK1) Captain Alexander Ryan-Walker

The Captain is the oldest individual living in UK Space, living being the closest term that can be applied.

(Human - UK1) Captain Alexander Ryan-Walker

(//Codex Author: Alex Lee)

Where to begin? Probably at the known:

The Captain is the oldest individual living in UK Space, living being the closest term that can be applied.

The specifics of his history aren't known. He will freely share some of it, but dates & times aren't given, so it's all hearsay, as it's impossible to verify a lot of the specifics of what is told to us.

This much is known; Alexander was born on Earth, geneology places him as nigh-identical to the population of the United Kingdom several hundred years before Exodus.

He first appeared in UK1/UTN records shortly after Exodus, moving around UTN space with a frigate containing the inital Antaeus circuitry - Although at a far lesser capability than is now known.

From there he, simply put, drops in and out of records until a little more recently.

From the inital point that he was first noted, and approximate age given in records at that point; That places him in excess of 1000 years old. The only other known individuals approaching that age are the results of TSRCs Sempiternalis Program, the specifics of which we only know from information shared on one Ronin Kociero.

The Captain's bloodwork is mostly in line with Augmented Humans observed in UK space. The normal make-up with extra carriers in there for Cybernetic maintenance and interfacing - Albeit those chemicals are completely alien to anything we'd use. The source of which is fairly obvious: Maikor.

The materials used are identical to some found in the makeup of "HMSS Sunrise" - The "Experimental Technology Testbed Cruiser". The Sunrise Dreadnought found in [REDACTED]. The Maikor Honeypot, as the scientific community enjoys calling it.

Due to the events of [REDACTED] the Captain lost all four limbs, effectively his entire skeletal system, most internal organs and a significant portion of his brain.

Simply put: He should have died. Or at least been rended braindead or otherwise unidentifiable.

Instead, after almost three straight days of cybernetic augmentation, all computer guided with no human interaction; he Walked out of the operating room and carried on as if nothing happened.

Frankly; That scared the shit out of us here in Medical. Encounters with "The Virus" as it's often tagged are almost always fatal, and those that survive usually do so after the most microscopic of exposures, when caught almost immediately. That was not the case here.

The Maikor Artefact that resides within his skull is presumed to be the reason for this. Either it stored a complete backup of his entire consciousness, allowing it to effectively rebuild his liquidised brain during the Cybernetic Augmentation - Or the Captain really is dead, and what walks around now is simply a re-animated corpse with his consciousness being emulated by that same artefact.

Frankly; they're both the same thing to an observer, so telling them apart is basically impossible without the Captain himself taking part, and conversations around the topic lead to him getting rather vauge on the specifics, as he isn't sure of the specifics himself.

After augmentation; Nobody has managed to chart the specifics of his augmentations. So far as can be determined from bloodwork and what readings we can take of him: The augmentations are no longer anywhere near initial design specs, and are continuously being modified and altered. Bloodwork after aug shows that his blood is almost entirely Maikor alloys and inert compounds. Prevailing theory is that he's a walking Creation Engine, which is something a lot of the Admiralty chooses to selectively ignore, since that would mean the Captain is effectively a walking factory capable of assembling any molecule he fancies, up to and including various neurotoxins, poisons, and potentially even raw Virus seeds that he could unleash at any time.

This has also led to him having internal processing on scale with that of Peacekeeper - Where Peacekeeper has thousands of cubic metres of processing on each colonised UK Planet; Everything is retained within the Captain. Again; Maikor interference is blamed here. It also muddies the water on if he can be considered human anymore - The term "Walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck" rather falls down in this context, as the individual in question here looks human, sounds human, and, barring the fact that his arms and legs are made of an alloy composite inlaid with tens of thousands of those damn awkward Maikor Runs, is human for all intents and appearances. He breathes, eats, can apparently sleep, has to pass matter, it's all standard.

He just also happens to have an on-board Tokamak and the ability to fire plasma straight out of his limbs, rather making close-quarters combat a concerning prospect if ever he turned against us in close quarters.

Frankly; I think it's a completely insane idea keeping him in UK Command, but I can understand their perspective, with everything he knows; killing him may not be feasible, locking him up is improbable, and exiling him would potentially create the most deadly terrorist known to mankind, so keeping him close at hand is the lesser of all evils.

Chief Medical Officer, HMSS Time's Long March.

Addendum: Captain Alexander's input: This is broadly accurate. The officer in question isn't wrong; I may well have died in that incident. It's a tough thing to consider that "You" may not exist.

2nd Addendum: I should have known the Captain would have access to these. That blows Patient/Doctor confidentiality out of the airlock.

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