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(Synthetic - Independent) CoRE

Cerebral Reflex Emulator Version 59.5. My Brother calls me 'Core', perhaps a fitting name for a synthetic individual based within, perhaps, the most advanced synthetic-biological processing system ever created by human beings. If I am to be modest, I suppose I am the 'Core' of the Pathfinder. An Operating Mind, a consciousness, a 'person' if you want to use that term. I don't consider myself within the same category as human beings and their personhood; instead, I prefer to remain focused on matters such as preventing this 1.586 Million Mass-Ton bucket of non ferrous, low-metallic Nano polymer bolts from disintegrating at the slightest sign of super structural stress caused by my Brother's innate tendency to operate the ship's helm like a madman.

All in Day's Work.

(Synthetic - Independent) CoRE

CoRE, or Cerebral Reflex Emulator, Version 59.5, is a Synthetic Mind created by the Legendary Captain Ronin Kociero some two thousand years ago, during the height of the Terran Space Research Corporation's technological reign in Aquarius. The exact details of CoRE's creation remain unknown as the Captain is less than willing to divulge technical details regarding his internal workings or incredibly complex subroutines, which have, no doubt, changed significantly over the C-AI's long and decorated service life aboard the Pathfinder.

CoRE is largely believed to be the only fully human-created Complex Artificial Intelligence in existence, at least in Aquarius, due to a complete lack of any incorporation of Antaequan Mind technology. However, due to the enigmatic nature of the C-AI's inner workings, it remains unknown if his base-layers incorporated any other non-human technology.

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