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A word from Sash about the Queen of the United Kingdom and her passing.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I don't really follow the Royal Family, and I admit, I don't have a significant interest in their affairs or dealings. I feel Royal Families are a bit dated, but I'm open to a modernisation of monarchy with progressive times. That said, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II a few days ago; I couldn't help but feel like I had lost someone.

Not just a head of state, or an important figure. But someone close to me. Why is that, you might ask, well I think it's because the Queen was a sort of mum to British people; she was, in a way, the United Kingdom's mum. And I do feel a sadness from her loss, it does effect me.

During the COVID pandemic - a time of hardship in my life time - she gave an address to the British people, something that keeps us together and gives us unity. I remember her address and it felt sincere and personal. I feel that really highlights how I feel about her being our 'mum'.

I was born in 1993; I've never known my country without the Queen. No, she doesn't make a huge difference in British politics, or the every-day lives of brits. But she was always there, almost like a constant in a world of turmoil. Something unique to our country, a strong, powerful woman that commanded the respect of billions of people across the world.

It was governments under her that reformed the United Kingdom from the disgusting slaving imperial cancer of the British Empire, into the progressive and tolerate state it is today. The UK isn't perfect, but it IS a good country, I feel, and the Queen was part of what made it what it is.

I feel the United Kingdom has lost a lot with her passing; but, I also feel that HRH Queen Elizabeth II's legacy and the admiration so many people had for this resolute figure of British resilience, I think that makes up for it. May Her Majesty rest in peace, passed on to a better place knowing she will be mourned by billions.

Including me.

I'll miss you, Queen Elizabeth II. I might by shy to admit it, but you were always something so intrinsically connected with our national identity, it saddens me that you will not be here to see where the UK goes in the next century. But for all the work you have done being our mum; I thank you.

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