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Aaaaand it's gone. But it's OK and I have a new friend and a new game to play.

Okay so where do I start? How about starting by saying I sold my expensive components because I feel kinda bad that I spent so much money on my PC, and while it was awesome, bills and debts kinda do come first. That, and my mum really wanted a wooden floor in the hall and living/dining room (the cats brutalise the carpet >_>). So there it is.

I loved the Ryzen 9 3950X, don't get me wrong. Awesome CPU, it's just I made a bit of a midjudgement buying it. While it does speed up Adobe Premiere Rush and Eyesight (a lot) it wasn't worth it to me, since I usually leave my PC running and go nap or play with my cats. It makes really no difference long term, especially since nothing I do is time-sensitive. £700 is a lot of money that right now I feel is better spent elsewhere. Someone else will benefit a lot more from the 16 cores (via eBay) than me.

Oh, so what are you using now, Sash?

Ryzen 5 2600X and a budget B450 motherboard, of the ASUS PRIME-A variety. I sold pretty much everything else. As far as gaming goes, I'd like to point this post out and re-iterate it, lol. I think you get the message. So rather than beat that dead horse...


Yeah! Wait, I'm talking to myself again. Anyway, this person contacted me on my website after reading my blog. And while I am anxious at first, they are really friendly and pleasant to talk to, and I enjoy chatting to them about tech and games. Oh, they also bought me a game. And that game is Deep Rock Galactic.

I'll start by saying that this game is pretty damned awesome, and is most likely going to steal a lot of time away from Warframe, but that's okay because then both experiences will be more refreshing - because I'll be less prone to burn out.

So I am going to be doing a lot of gameplay videos on DRG, along with my usual ones on Warframe and Fallout 76.

So here's a shout out to my new friend. Thanks for wanting to chat to me, and being very generous. I appreciate it :>

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