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(Aquarian News) ATIS ends Joint Reclamation Treaty with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate.(4405 AD)

4405AD: The ATIS Council declared that Joint Reclamation Treaty of 4299 A.D (JRT) established with the allied Vujlcyon Conglomerate; whereby VC salvage operations were allowed to operate in Aquarian Terran space in exchange for logistical and technological support, has been terminated; effective immediately.

The Council states that the 100-cycle treaty would come to an end due to the rapidly changing political situation in the cluster. While the termination is effective immediately, Conglomerate assets would be given a 3 cycle grace period to cease operations and leave Aquarian Terran Territory. However, the Council didn't rule out select systems remaining open to the Conglomerate under strict new trading rules - as it has been greatly beneficial to the Terran economy to host the Vujlcyon salvagers.

An ATIS Imperial Navy Cruiser (left) approaches a Vujlcyon Conglomerate Mammoth-class factory ship operating in Aquarian Space after the termination of the JRT Treaty.

The ATIS Council maintained that the termination was a peaceful one, and that the Imperial Navy would work with Vujlcyon salvagers to assist them in complying peacefully over the next few cycles.

The VC Government has expressed concern that the move is a shift towards a decline in co-operation between Humanity and the Six Trade Alliance, and has immediately moved to enter negotiations with the Imperial Government about future treaties. However, the Conglomerate expressed no hostility to the announcement and stated that all Trade Fleet assets will comply with the new restrictions immediately.

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