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Autism: Federal Order to Go Home Early

This basically sums up my experience at College. This is quite old, when I used to live in my old house. Anyway, I have redacted my name from this image as it is my old name and I don't like it and I hate it and it's not what I am called.

But anyway I sent this letter to the Principal of the college. I was told by my support worker I had a bit of a reputation in the Staff Room. Huh, well I used to call myself the "Supreme Overlord" and require everyone to address me as such, I also used to tell my Support Worker about the UTN every single second, I think she eventually became an expert on UTN Naval Warships by the end of my time at college. Oh, and I had no friends. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note: The date listed here, "5027 EMT (Eridonian Mean Time)" is not canon as I adjusted the dates to line up the major events. The UTN Fall occured in 4040 A.D. EMT and A.D are largely the same and thus the date is incorrect as of the time of publish. Also, this is absolutely not canon in any way, I mean you just have to read it to know it xD.

Just thought I'd say that to make sure.


If you are curious, they let me go home early.

I guess a threat of military action by the galaxy's largest superpower was enough to convince them. Or, I guess, they just pitied me.

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