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"Content" Void ... updates, oh it's 7/7, but I'm a Sad Panda

Oh jeeze that title is a mess. And I didn't post anything on my site for a while. Don't worry (if you care, if not, you can ignore this :D) I haven't given up on it, I'm just having a period of time where I am not posting or updating things. This will happen from time to time but I did pay for the web hosting so I'mma not about to give up on it. Uh, I mean I wouldn't anyway but still. Just FYI.

Playing a lot of Fallout 76 actually. Fun game, gets a lot of hate but now Bethesda are really fixing the issues and adding the stuff the players asked for.

Oh, it's 7/7, that means Ryzen 3000 launches today, and so does RX 5700 series...

No new PC Hardware for Sash this year

...but I can't buy them. Because my mother and I (yes, I actually contributed towards a decision that opposes buying new hardware and benefits me as a Person O_o) decided it's best for me to save my money and wait till next year, to practise some self-control and restraint against impulsive behaviour. And you know... my PC is perfectly adequate for what I'm doing right now.

Accurate depiction of me after the decision was made that I am not allowed to buy PC hardware this year.

Sorry AMD I can't buy this year. But I plan to do-up my PC fully next year! Ryzen 4000 and Big Navi! I think. But I don't want to plan ahead too far.

I might make a post with my thoughts on the Ryzen 3000 and RX 5700 series later, after the reviews go live.

If anyone's still reading this, I love you! <3

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