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(What?) Wix, what? I didn't want to have to do that, but it came to it. Also - Zeno, please read this.

Wix is being retarded, regardless, email me for details if you want. Of course none of this is your fault, just me, being, well, me. Apparently, I also like using commas.

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(Meh) Meh, the "me problem"

So where do I start? Does it even matter where I start? Not really. So here goes. This post is just going to be a sash-thought-shit rant crap post so whatever. Today I triggered an old but still very

My Journey

I think I have mentioned this before, maybe in passing, maybe in more detail, either way I will mention it again here. I feel like I'm on a journey that has a definitive end (no, I am not talking abou


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