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Don't be mad if I don't reply. Anywhere.

If you reply to my comments, or message me anywhere, on my website form or Disqus, or email if you have it or Discord (if somehow you get my DC name and tag, I think I had it on here at one point).

Anyway the point I am trying to make is: Don't be mad if I don't reply. Replying online is one of the areas that I find extremely difficult due to the anxiety. Some days I will be unable to even read my notifications. In fact, that's most days. Seeing the notification icon showing I have unread messages (on any platform) can trigger physical anxiety symptoms such as tight breathing, sweating and the one that affects me the most : shaking. (Just imagine butterflies in the stomach like you were going to give a speech to a million people, because that is how it feels). Other days, I can reply quite quickly. It varies, a lot. On Disqus I seem to be able to cope fairly well most of the time.

I only make on exception, contact forms on this website are forwarded to me via email, and I will often see the subject line. That's all I can cope with. If it's important about Copyright put that in the subject in block capitals. Read about that here.

Thanks for understanding.


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