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Fallout 4: A modded Survival Adventure | Part 1

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Video part one of my bloody enormous playthrough of Fallout 4 with mods. It took me 2 hours to edit this clip, but I really enjoy doing it so even if no one watches it, it keeps me busy for a while. :D

Anyway, I am doing this as a sort of "in character" journal as if it was typed by my character, Ashley, as she adventures through post-apocalyptic Boston and surrounding areas. She's the director of the Institute (I finally settled on the Institute ending, after being a Brotherhood of Steel fangirl since Fallout 3), and I feel it suits me the most overall, but as the Director of the Institute, I role play that I will guide them into a more leniant policy regarding synthetic people, and treating them as such.

The Brotherhood just came off as too Nazi-ish for me in Fallout 4, though I sort of understand their position. My overall feeling is:

"The Old world was destroyed by itself, its rules no longer apply in this new world. Who are you to say Synths, Ghouls, and Mutants are not allowed to exist in this New World, with these new rules? This is their World now just as much as it is ours".

This is the motto that I role play I will guide the Institute towards, and rebuilding humanity with all their advanced technology.

Okay, I removed this video. I'll re-upload it at some point.

You can check the video description for what mods I am using in this video and the music I used in the "Inventory management" scene is a royalty free track called "Dance" from .

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