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Fallout 4 (modded): Some screenshots

Feat. Heather Casdin, and the Fusion City. Also a ton of stuff (like weapon and armour skins, the X-02 and backpack) from the Creation Club. Don't hate me.

Smoking is bad, mmkay.

APA MK2 (X-02) Suit, painted orangey red, with Ashley's customised Minigun, Eugene. (Get the reference)? This is my "Negotiation kit".

Heather (left) and Ashley (right) prepare to head to Fusion City

Look Ma, No Face! (get the reference? It's a vague one)

Tactical Assault force in the Glowing Sea (feat. Ellen - rear left)

The girls having a smoke in the Diamond City subway line café


Well, that escalated quickly.

Good thing I've got my gas mask.


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