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(Gaming Screenshots). Metro Exodus. Screenshot Gallery! (UPDATED 7-12-20)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I had to do it. Since Metro Exodus supports Nvidia's Photo Mode, I decided to take some awesome snaps, I will update this as I generate more. The base game supports Ray-Traced Global Illumination (Sun & moonlight), while the DLCs support additional Light source Ray Tracing. Reflections are all screen-space effects.

Update: This was originally for Sam's Story, as I had just finished my latest playthrough of that DLC. But, I have updated it to cover the base game and the Two Colonels DLC, too, which I have just started playing on Ranger Hardcore with no HUD.

Metro Exodus Screenshots

  • These are taken at 1920x1080, Extreme Quality, Ultra RT, no DLSS, Hairworks On, Advanced Physics On, Motion Blur Normal.

Sam's Story Screenshots

A nice Screenshot of Metro's excellent quality Screen Space Reflections (These are not Ray Traced), if you look to the left of the scene you may see the obvious defect of the barrel's reflection passing the threshold of what is able to be reflected, with the gap. This would not happen with RT reflections, but I doubt even an RTX 3090 could run this scene well with full RT reflection + GI, the SSR defects are a reasonable trade off for how fast (and still pretty) most of the reflections look..


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