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(Gaming Video) RX 480 4GB~ Performance in Warframe (actually an 8GB 590 at lower clocks).

Yes, it's that GPU again! Uh, the title could be misleading because this card has 8GB on board, but it is running at 7Gbps instead of the standard 8. This actually means (along with the core clocks being only a hair over the 1266 MHz ref spec) that the card performs basically the same as the standard spec for the Radeon RX 480 4GB, which had its GDDR5 memory at 7 Gbps, instead of 8Gbps on the 8GB version.

I did lower the voltage to just under 1.0V (~987-998mV) and power consumption is nice, at around 120W. Performance is great and it seems to do just as well (anecdotally) as the GTX 1650 SUPER I also occasionally play with, except it uses a bit more power, but has 2X the video memory. This will serve as my "Bed gaming GPU" Until it eventually dies, or, IF it eventually dies. I mean this GPU is ETERNAL.

Here's the video of the old champ handling a void storm railjack mission with my good friend and clan mate Goku, in Warframe. <3

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