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Get Well Soon Nugget (Updated)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Nugget fell badly sick today. We still don't know for sure, why, but he was vomiting up saliva and breathing rapidly, and growling because I think he was in pain.

We took him to the vets and they gave him some painkillers to help with the nausea and some anti-biotics just in case. I was so worried, I even teared up a bit in the consultation room, with worry and anxiety of my little guy...

Anyway we took him home and he was all dopey from the painkillers...

Poor little guy :(

And he's been like this all afternoon. Apparently they last for 8 hours, we are going to take him in to the vets again if he doesn't improve and get his appetite back.

The saucer and bottle are to help him rehydrate but he hasn't licked any yet :(

Get well Soon, Nugget :(



I am emotionally drained and tired, and I have a stress headache (I don't get headaches often so it's definitely bad)... But my little guy is on the road to recovery. He didn't want his fish or special drink, but he has lapped up his normal wet food sachet this morning as usual and he has been much more active as the painkillers wear off (he was basically out of it, to dull the nausea from his sickness). He's had a massive brush this morning and I got 27 carpets out of him since he's not had his daily groom when he was unwell.

On the road to recovery<3

I need to sleep and/or play Warframe all day (I don't know how I'd play it in my sleep but you get the message) with my boy at my side and I'm keeping an eye on him closely for the next week or so before he is allowed outside again.

This all happened after I gave him some new treats, it's my fault and I feel so bad over it. The vet says he likely has a very sensitive stomach.

I have decided that I will offer him fresh cooked chicken or fish for his treat. <3

Sorry I've been an emotional windbag. I just don't know how to cope when things go wrong.


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