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(GPUS OMG) Yeah. I have a few.

Anyone who saw my desk and knew how many GPUs I had there might be concerned I was mining some form of cryptocurrency, but I doubt they'd have the same malicious intent as my degenerate family in reporting me for Welfare Fraud with no evidence, in which the case was immediately dropped when I co-operated fully with the DWP in proving my innocence. Uh, mild digression there.

No, I do not mine crypto and I don't feel the need to defend myself. I hate Crytpo. Anyway! Back on the subject, these GPUs; you'd be forgiven for thinking they're for WCG or Folding@Home (which they might be at some point, who knows?) but these days, they what composes my desktop 'render farm' for Blender Cycles. Since 3D / CGI animations are now my 'thing', you know?

Anyway, a while back I posted I was having this 'love afair' (funny metaphor) with the GA106 chip since I have five of them. Well, I just added a sixth GPU to my Farm and it's not a GA106, but a GA104! Still a 3060 series though, so obviously, it's a 3060 Ti. Anyway I CBA to type a huge amount right now cuz I'm busy rendering/animating/gaming/video editing.

But I'll probably add Hardware Profiles for them at some point.


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