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I got banned from 'PC Gamer'. Oh no.

The second part of the title is sarcasm, in case you didn't realise.

So I got banned from PC Gamer for posting a comment with my opinion. Nothing rude, just an opinion comment. That's right, let's remove all the comments we disagree with, despite the fact that my Disqus account is clearly not a troll/spam account. Huh.

Good thing I don't ever want to visit that ad-ridden website anyway. Seriously, moving full-background banners. Get out.

Oh, and at least I don't even allow comments on my website. That's mainly because I don't want to breed internet toxicity. But banning for discussing, admitedly sensitive but still valid, opinions?

I guess you can decide for yourself by reading their comment policy if I actually violated it. Maybe I did somewhere but you know what would have been even better than flat out banning me site-wide? Post a rebuttal (it's called 'disqus' for a reason) or if you absolutely must censor my opinion - remove the comment.

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