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I'm Playing Fallout 4 again. But this time...

... I'm playing Vanilla. I just don't wanna mess with a ton of mods again. Oh and I'm using the Creation Club, yes I bought some items on there. I consider that to be just DLC in all honestly. But if you have a huge issue with my purchasing of DLC for one of my favourite games (that has given me over 1000 hours of enjoyment thus far) then I guess you could not read my blog. :D

So I'm going to do a video series of my end-game level 116 character kicking some serious arse in the Commonweatlth... or perhaps not so much - because I am playing in Survival mode. Which I have never done before in a Vanilla game. So that's cool I guess. It's pretty fun.

And I don't have to give a damn about YouTube, since I'm hosting all my videos on my OneDrive! Yeah!

I'm just editing my first video. Not really putting a huge amount of effort into these, but I guess it's just cool to capture my gameplay moments and share them. Oh, and you can see how well the Ryzen 7 3700X and Radeon RX 5700 handle the game. Here's a hint: very, very well.


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