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I post random videos on my YouTube channel. Oh and Wraith Prism ruhguhbuh.

The Wix app won't let me post this picture anywhere else, so here it is!

I just thought I'd post this, while in hospital waiting for my appointment. Typing on a smartphone is tiresome, but oh well. Anyway, I often upload videos to my YouTube channel, but I don't always post them here on my blog.

So you can find those here:

You changed the cooler, again?

Yes. I really, really like the Wraith Prism cooler that is included with the Ryzen 7 3700X, in the box. It's a great little, compact cooler that does the job for stock operation and a bit if tweaking, too.

Since I don't really 'overclock' my processor these days (stability is paramount), I don't really need a beefy air, or a liquid cooler. The Prism also looks great. You can see it up at the top of the page.

Anyway, post bios update, the 3700X is now hitting 4.4Ghz in some light workloads on a couple of cores, but it seems to be more often around 4.3 in intensive single threaded workloads. All core ranges from 4.05 to 4.25 depending on intensity. Efficiency is fantastic, obviously. So I'm happy to just leave this guy at stock as he decides what clock speed to run at, himself. It's better that way.

I hope my appointment is soon. I really can't sit still for very long, lol.

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