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(IIWII) another attempt at joining a community, bites the dust.

I really should learn that it always ends like this. I do not learn. I keep trying and I keep failing despite all the grief it causes me. That is on me, no one else. Actually, there was two attempts. Both to do with war thunder, a game so frustrating I almost ended my life as I know it, indirectly, because of this shitty fucking crap fest.

This latest attempt ended earlier than I expected, though. It turns out that people get their fucking jimmies rustled by me leaving for a timeout. I'm absolutely fucking sick to fucking death of human fucking beings and their social shit and garbage. There's more to it than that, but I can't be fucked to explain because I'm in bed typing on my phone. It's tiresome.

Friends and communities are just absolutely not worth the hassle, even if I am a mentally retarded autistic waste of oxygen.



I can't say what I want to say because it violates Wix's TOS regarding violent extremism.

So I must wish you people a fine journey to hell, instead.

That's where I'm going, too. A one way fucking ticket, bitch.

Fuck you.

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