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(Important) Donate to help Ukraine win the war and rebuild. Do it now.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The President of Ukraine has established an effective, transparent method of donating money to directly help Ukraine fight off the Russian aggressors and rebuild all the damage that they have done so far.

This was important to me because I wanted my money to go directly to Ukraine rather than through charities with their own "costs" taking a cut from the donations.

Helping Ukraine win this war of aggression by the Russians, and rebuild their beautiful nation is important to me because Ukraine's struggle resonates with my own mental health issues. I am so lucky to have a safe, warm house without the constant fear of incoming missiles or attacks, but for me, Ukraine winning against Russia symbolises standing up to a bully and good, winning out over evil. It has become that clear cut, Russian war Crimes against Ukraine and her people are clear evidence of that.

Please, if you read my blog or come across this page and haven't already, please donate to help Ukraine. Every single dollar, pound, cent, euro, anything, it helps save lives and keep Ukraine free and give Ukrainians a future free from russian barbarism. Even just 1 dollar helps. If everyone in the world donated just 1 dollar, Ukraine would have billions of dollars to get the equipment needed to protect their people and land, and rebuild the extensive damage caused by russian barbarism.

I am passionate about this. I have donated, and will continue to donate to this cause, until every single russian soldier is outed from Ukraine and she is restored fully as a country and welcomed into the European community where she, and her people, belong.

Thanks for reading my message.

Glory to Ukraine, glory to the Heroes.

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