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(Important) Freedom of Russia

Since I made several emotionally-driven posts against the Russian Federation in the last year, I want to re-iterate that I do not consider Russia innately or its people, culture, ethnicities, to be "bad".

It's important to note that the real enemy of humanity is authoritarian dictator scum like Putin and the mafia-state he created. Many Russian people actively support Putin and his disgusting war because they have been subjected to quite possibly the most powerful human re-programming campaign in history by the Soviet Union and after that, Putin's government; they genuinely believe what they are doing is the "correct" thing.

The sad reality is, that thousands and thousands of young brainwashed Russian men are dying in Ukraine because of Putin's disgusting lies and imperialist vision. My heart bleeds for Ukraine and her people, but I acknowledge that Russians suffer because of this barbaric invasion, too.

I want to make it clear that I have always longed for a powerful and stable, democratic Russia that upholds international law, human rights and freedoms. Russia and its people could have been so great if they actually moved on from the despotic imperialistic bullshit that scum like Putin keep them oppressed under.

So this post is about Freedom for Russia. It's about how, after Ukraine is fully liberated and restored, Russia must be freed next. Putin must be trialled like the criminal he is, and the Russian people have their eyes opened so they can elect their own government that actually cares about them, and the human race.

Freedom for Russia and her people.

I fully support the Freedom of Russia Legion and their quest to liberate Ukraine and start the process of liberating their homeland of Russia, and with their help, Russia can be restored to greatness and re-join the international community, with Ukraine, in peace and prosperity.

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