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Important Information: YouTube? Really, Sash? Yes.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Okay, so I had a phase of not using YouTube, actually the main reason was because some people were down-voting my videos and I didn't know why. I have comments disabled because I don't want to know what toxic trolls have to say. But now that I've decided to do some cool little videos again, I want to share them on YouTube. So here we go. Again.

This time I shall just not give a damn. xD I seem to have rustled quite a lot of jimmies, on Disqus mainly, because people get upset with hard facts and the truth.

Most of my longer and more detailed stuff will be on my OneDrive as it is now, because I have more control there and don't have to jump through YouTube's policy hoops and see all the downvotes. But a few random stuff like my Random Warframe Videos, or performance tests and informative videos I'll put on YouTube.

You can find my 'new' YouTube channel, here.

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