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(IMPORTANT) Please Read Privacy Policy Update and Cookie Policy! (Update 27-04-2021)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Some legal stuff that is highly important. (Updated 27-04-2021)

Updated privacy policy is available on the Legal Page. However I will post it here for your convenience:

Privacy Policy

I do not want to track you, or log anything you do, or anything because I do not care. Wix, however, has a whole bunch of tracking features that I can't disable so please use an ad-blocker extension such as uBlock Origin:

The things it logs are basically how you interact with my website, what pages you visit and your rough geographical location (country only). When you accept the cookie message that appears at the bottom, those things get tracked to my dashboard but I rarely look at them. I only want to use this website as an outlet for my ideas. I do not care about where the traffic comes from or how it navigates my website.

This notice serves to tell you about the data collected if you accept the non-essential cookies on the banner on your first visit. A summary as follows:

  • It tracks where you came to my website from (i.e google, or a link in Twitter);

  • It tracks the country of origin of the request to access my website;

  • It tracks which pages you viewed and for how long.

This notice serves to tell you about the data collected if you accept the essential cookies on the banner on your first visit:

  • Some of the functions of this website such as the Log In option need to use a cookie on your computer to function properly. If you are a site member, you will need to allow basic cookies to be stored on your computer for this website (i.e, login system) to function. If you block those cookies, the website may not work as intended and you may not be able to log in.

In Summary, my website specifically, doesn't collect your data to sell, provide to third parties, or otherwise do anything with it. I have no interest in analytics, and I run this website personally. However, my provider, WIX Hosting services, collects the data listed above in the "non essential" cookies section via my website. That data is used for analytical purposes as listed above. It is stored on Wix's servers and is beyond my control. As I cannot prevent that yet, I advise you use an ad-blocker or blocker addon for your browser that blocks data collection.


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