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Metro Exodus gets an Enhanced Edition. SASH IS EXTREMELY HYPED.

Well, as the one or two readers of my blog will likely already know, or if you follow me like a creepy stalker around the internet, it may become clear that I really am quite a large fan of the game Metro Exodus. So this news is very exciting to me. It makes me happy I invested in an RTX 2080 Ti last year - second hand and liquid cooled (2 GHz all day) from my friend and insisted on that even though I play at 1080p. Because that means I will be able to enjoy this new edition with the graphics dialled up and be able to really see what 4A Games can do.

The news is in fact, so exciting, that I am finding it quite difficult to sit still (more than usual) and I often worry that what I type will not be sufficient to convey my feelings of excitement. But this will have to do. I am absolutely going to do a revisit to Metro Exodus with the Enhanced Edition. Duh!

Actually, I am going to put my replay on Ranger Hardcore No HUD on hold, and start that again as a video series for my blog but this time with the Enhanced Edition! YES!

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