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(Mini Update) Sash hasn't posted about stuff (real stuff) in a while. What gives?

Yes, I know the Radeon RX 6800 series just launched and yes I am really excited about the tech, and yes I have been reading a lot about it... But, uh, no. I haven't really felt like typing a big piece of my blog (or recording a video). That is just the way it is, but I will definitely do that at some point. I just started some new medication and for some reason I've wanted to go all-in on my Science Fiction universe instead.

I think I will do a babbly video on the 6000 series, including my thoughts on the Navi 21 graphics processor and just how awesome it is from a technological perspective, and how happy I am that AMD Radeon is back in the high-end, ultimate performance GPU game! It's like the final wish on my 2019 Radeon Wish List came true.

So, uh. Yeah. Meow.

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