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My PC Plans (11/07/2019)

I am making another post about my Super Awesome PC. I did some slight changes to it, but my overal plan remains similar but this time I am not getting anything new, as I mentioned in my Sad Panda post when the new hardware launched recently :(.

Okay so essentially, it's quite simple. I am not upgrading my PC in any major way this year. I did type why in that post I linked above so if you really care why you could go read that. :D

I also did a few changes to my PC, as per my usual messing around, this time fueled by anxiety over my somewhat old AIO, leaking, even though there is no evidence to suggest that it will and the warranty is still 1 or 2 years remaining out of 5. I also put some RGB fans back in the case and since I'm using the Wraith Prism RGB that came with the 2700X, it looks pretty neat!

Here are some pictures if you wanna see what it looks like now...

Turned off...

Ruh Guh Buhs!

The two front fans are non RGB, but they are 3000 RPM Noctua Industrial PPC fans, 140mm in size. They are for Pure Airflow if I need it. :3 I am really quite happy with how it looks and this should be my Gaming PC for next year.


Plans for Next Year?

Okay so next year I am either waiting for Ryzen 7 4700X (maybe Zen3?) to place in my current B450 Motherboard, or I am going to get a discounted 3700X and do that.

The other option was considering Intel again. I know, right? What am I thinking? But I did hear some rumour about their 10th gen "Comet Lake" CPUs being quite attractively priced, and I won't not consider Intel if their CPUs are competitive/fairly priced. :D But that would require a new motherboard so I will see how it goes. But for now it is likely I will stick with Ryzen. :D


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