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[Role Play] New Alliances: Humanity's Second Contact, 4250 A.D / 2012 FDS

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

In the Early Lorentian Cycle of 4250 A.D, humanity in Aquarius made contact with the second extra-terrestrial civilisation in their history. However, unlike the frist which brought upon the human race a terrible war and the darkest years of our existence, the second contact promises to bring propserity, peace and security to the Terran Worlds.

Space Vessels of the newly contacted Volcyon Conglomerate arrive in the Lorentis System,

circa 4250 A.D. They are met by the TLA Cruiser 'Our Future' at the tip of the spear of the Terran Loyalist Alliance's First Home Fleet; the last remains of the once proud Federal Navy.

In the distance the A.R.A.S Orbital platforms be seen orbiting the scarred former garden-world of Lorentis, once one of the three Core Worlds of the Old Federation. These platforms survived in the shadow of the planet, infrastructure on the far side of the world was wiped away during the Fall.

The stellar phenomenon observed in deep space behind the world is The Great Scar within the deepest reaches of the Tempest Ridge; the left over radioactive remnants of the supposed alien super-weapon that destroyed the Old Federation.

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