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Nugget the Catsquatch

For a while I called him "Squatch" because I shortened the nickname "Sasquatch" (I don't know why I called him that, but it just sort of stuck for a bit). So he was called "Squatch" for a bit and now I want to make a post about my lovely little floof and "Catsquatch" just sounds really funny lol.

Okay so this post is about my little guy, the ginger/orange/beigey coloured Felis Catus and my primary companion in life. I love this cat so much! His name is Nugget, by the way. I just have all sorts of dumb nicknames to express my fondness of him. I could make a post to list them all lol, maybe later.

Oh and a warning. This post contains dangerous levels of cuteness. You have been warned~ :3

Some pics of the Catsquatch~

A selection of pictures of Nugget.

Nug as a Kitten. He always loved to sit on my desk, even when I'm playing video games. He's a bit big for this now, but he still tries occassionaly.

Nugget atop his cat-tree (he likes to gnaw the end of that pokey bit).

"Please Feed Me!"

The Floofy Underbelly, that which must not be petted (or brushed) at least 80% of the time.

Sunbathing is one of his favourite past-times.

As is sleeping on top of things.

Okay, I'm going to have to let the cat out of the bag...

"Wakey wakey, human. You haven't fed me yet."

Plushie beds are one of his favourite things in life.

He's chilling. I'd love to brush that floof but he doesn't like it:<

He can be a Lapcat. But it's always on his terms!

That's it for now. Hope you liked them. :3

Cats are the best!


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