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Playing Warframe in a Tesco Car Park.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

One of the things I love about having an Ultra-thin device with reasonable graphics horsepower is the fact that I can play games just about anywhere. Here, I am waiting for my mother to get back from the shop, so I am playing some Warframe on my HP Envy 2-in-1, the 13" model with touch screen - which is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor with Integrated Vega 8 graphics unit.

The APU is configured with 15W TDP, short boost to 25W, low of 12W and the HP device runs it around 20W for a few minutes before lowering to 15W for long-term, you will notice the clock speeds drop as the first part of the video is on the Laptop's integrated battery (notice the battery level discharging), and the second part (when the battery level rises) is where I plugged it into my AC power bank and the boost limit rises a bit again.

Portable 100W output Power Bank! Combo still Cheaper than the Intel version of this device. Where's your battery life now, huh, PUNK?

This Processor is based on the Raven Ridge silicon, with the 2500U featuring the entire CPU portion; four 1st generation Zen cores complete with 2-way SMT for 8 threads, a 4MiB L3 cache and speeds up to 3.6 Ghz in short bursts, with a base frequency of around 2.0 GHz. The processor frequently operates below 2 GHz when the GPU is loaded on battery, however.

The 2500U's Vega graphics processor features 8 Compute Units out of the chip's compliment of 11, so you get 512 GCN 5th generation (vega) stream processors up to 1.1 GHz assuming there is enough power. Raven Ridge isn't the most efficient silicon design so this speed is essentially never attained under normal operation - even plugged in.

The Integrated Vega 8 runs around 300 MHz on its own battery and up to 500-600 in bursts when plugged into the battery pack. I did have a software capable of unlocking the boost limit and I managed to get the GPU to stick to over 1 GHz in load, but it wasn't possible on integrated battery (only plugged into the AC Bank) and the device got hot and drank lots of juice.

I am playing the game on an Xbox 360 controller, and the settings are low/medium (seen in the video). Performance isn't stellar but it does the job for Car Park gaming, so I still have no reason to get a new device yet.

Oh, and my Laptop is tethered onto my Phone's 4G Mobile network for internet access. I'm babbling now, so I'll just post the video. Here it is:

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