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Polaris, the Eternal GPU. The GPU that still holds the accolade for the best value gaming GPU on the planet. The GPU that has seen three refreshes on three (slightly) different process technologies.

Oh, and it's also the GPU I've had the longest out of any that I've owned. That's probably because it offers such extraordinary value. Sure, it's not the fastest around, nor the most feature-rich, and certainly not the most power efficient, but hot damn, it's cheap.

I think they're giving away RX 570s in cereal boxes these days (along with Ryzen 5 1600s). But that's a great thing, because no other GPU has enabled affordable and accessable full HD gaming for the masses like Polaris.

Anyway, the point of this post is basically to say that I'm back with a Polaris-based GPU, that is my XFX RX 590 Fatboy, that has really 'come out of its shell' under liquid cooling.

Wait, Sash, what did you do?

I sold the RTX 2070. :D


But you said you regretted selling the RTX 2060 SUPER, and you'd keep the 2070.

I know what I said, duh. But I played Metro Exodus Sam's Story with DXR, and while I love the 2070 as a product, it was time to move on for me. And that means selling it and using that money to invest in even more hardware for my renewed commitment to World Community Grid. I'll make a post on that later.

And besides, all I play routinely is Warframe. Anyone that knows me, knows that. RX 590 has me covered at 1080p 120Hz+ for the foreseeable future.

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