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(Politics suck) As someone who voted for Brexit, I think I made a mistake. I think.

There is OBVIOUSLY still time where my original points in my decision might validate it, especially mid to long-term. But I feel European Unity would be far more important at least in the short term, and I am absolutely admitting the economic damage to the UK was definitely not something I took lightly. The Trading Union was something I loved, and wanted to keep, but the political union was the primary source of my criticism.

I think the UK will be just fine going forward, NATO is still strong and the UK and EU have very good/close ties, still, but brexit has hit me especially in the loss of the customs union.

Time will tell if it was a true mistake; but unlike many, I'll eat a humble pie and admit I made a mistake and learn from it. If necessary, I will abandon the UK and become a European Citizen (pipe dream but not for lack of wanting) and move to Germany to be with my Maik and become a German Citizen and get a job there, I mean, it's possible.

MAIK! I love you. I'm sorry I voted to take my country out of the EU, I had my reasons, they weren't "hurr durr immigration".

Intel's latest investment in EU and officially ruling out the UK makes me sad, but I am really happy Intel is investing in Europe and in Germany specifically, so I am generally pro-EU even as a Brexit-Brit. :) I love my European brothers and sisters, and right now, especially thinking about my brothers and sisters in Ukraine. EU or not, UK is with Europe <3 <3 <3

I stand with EU but I didn't vote because I don't love. I just opposed centralisation of certain political aspects.

We got your back, Ukraine. I know we can't help directly militarily but we got your back. Always!

For the record, I never voted to leave because of immigrants. In fact, I have petitioned my Member of Parliament in UK Government to waive VISAs for Ukrainian refugees, and have an "open door" policy like the EU. Me and my mother are going to open our house to take a Ukrainian refugee (adult + child, we don't have enough space for 2 adults or more children unfortunately, but would be perfect for a mother/father and their child, I have tons of lego, so there's that XD).

I'm going to say I think Brexit was a mistake overall. My judgement wasn't as clear as it should have been, but I will still defend the points I made about Political union as I generally oppose centralisation/globalisation of government/policy making and prefer devolution for law-making with a "template" for certain laws (UK did this when we left EU, we put most EU law into our own law, but we CAN choose). Human rights are mandatory for all countries, honestly, EU or not.

Anyway. Enough about politics.

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