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(Real World) Concerns about potential attacks on Russian civilians by Ukraine

First, a disclaimer. I have almost no information on this aside from watching a video on YouTube and some Western news outlets like Sky News. I want to point out that this could well be a piece of misinformation created by Russia to discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but it DOES highlight something I am concerned about, enough, to make a post on my "blog" about.

Okay, I want to make this a quickie as I don't like putting lots of time into "Real World" posts but here it is. I am quite concerned that Ukrainian troops will attack Russian civilians across the border into Russia in what could be considered "revenge" attacks. Now, read carefully, I COMPLETELY FEEL FOR the Ukrainian troops. They have seen their own people be brutally murdered by Russia's disgusting invasion, it's barbaric. Trust me, I understand they must want revenge but Ukraine cannot lower itself to the level of the Russian military and attack civilians AT ALL. It is a War Crime and being as low as the enemy, and causing more bloodshed and hatred, is not going to help at all long-term.

This is not total war, civilians are NOT legitimate targets. For any side. So far, we have heard very little about Ukrainian troops committing War Crimes because I genuinely feel they are the better side in terms of morality. But I am still concerned that some of the heavier, long-range weapons sent by the west could be used to target civilians in Russia which is something I am absolutely not happy about.

I can't do anything other than write to my MP about my thoughts but I just hope and pray that the Ukrainian armed forces continue to uphold their superior morality in this war because right now, it's pretty clear-cut that they are the "good side", in my eyes and the eyes of the free world.

But killing civilians, regardless of who's "side" they are in, should never be allowed or tolerated and if this strike in Belgorod was genuinely initiated by Ukrainian troops against Russian civilian targets then those responsible should be held account just like the invaders against Ukraine should be.

I do not want weapons donated by my country (United Kingdom) paid for by British taxes to be used to hurt civilians in any way.

And before you bring up Syria and arms shipments to rebel groups, that's a convoluted mess just like everything else in the Middle East, Ukraine-Russia is pretty clear cut right now.

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