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(Real World) Ukraine's Constitution is 27 years old, NATO & Ukraine, why I think "realpolitik" is BS

Celebrating Ukraine's Constitutional, 27 year Birthday

Today, Ukraine celebrates 27 years of being an independent, sovereign nation, since 1996. In 2014, the Ukrainian people made known their choice to align with Europe and solidify their rightful place in the European community and the civilised, democratic, free world.

Although Ukraine's history is one of rich, cultural wonders and technological advancements and contributions to Humanity (often exploited by corrupt regimes like the Soviet Union), I look to the future where Ukraine will be enshrined in the EU and NATO; a valuable member of the democratic, free world. By the choice of the Ukrainian people in the Euromaidan protests.

In this post, I want to celebrate this day, because it is important to shine the spotlight on Ukraine, her people and culture, in this time of darkness created by the russian invasion and their cancerous, aggressive and cowardly actions. If russia seeks to destroy Ukrainian heritage, we must protect it even more. We must enshrine it. Immortalise it. We must do our duty to humanity. Ukraine will prevail.

Forgive the sensationalist nature of my post, I am quite emotional. Though I write with emotions, they are genuine and I truly feel extremely passionate about this subject.


Ukraine & NATO and why "realpolitik" is Bull Shit.

Forgive the bluntness of the title, but I can't help but express how much I vehemently despise the notion that the invasion of Ukraine by russia, is somehow an issue between the United States and russia; not only because of how I feel about Ukraine (more on this in a moment) but also because the concept that somehow the only relevant countries in the world are the US and russia (this is laughable) is downright insulting to anyone not from these countries, including me, a Brit.

So here's the deal; I will type how I feel on this subject. I've made it clear in previous posts that NATO is a defensive alliance, by its founding principles, and countries voluntarily join it, making "aggressive expansion" (like what the russians are doing in Ukraine and other countries like Georgia), impossible due to the nature of the alliance's design. I also mention in that post, something i will re-iterate here; NATO largely exists as a defence mechanism to counter russian aggression dating back to the early Cold War.

All the Baltic and Eastern European states (Including Ukraine very soon) have democratically chosen to join the alliance. The very fact that Finland and Sweden, two countries previously having no interest in joining the alliance, were very quick to apply for membership after the invasion of Ukraine by russia, underscores this point entirely.

Right, so about this "realpolitik" bullshit that somehow suggests Ukraine is a pawn in a chess game between the United States and russia. Let me be very clear about how I feel on this subject.

This is not about the United States. This is not about russia.
This is not about geopolitics.
This is about the sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine and her people.
This is about Ukraine's right to exist and her rightful place as a sovereign state, able to choose her own path in the world.

This is all it's every been about. I'm no hypocrite. I despise hypocrisy, I also despise disconnected overly institutionalised scumbags that suggest 'realpolitik' is somehow a thing, when they have clearly lost all sense of humanity. Maybe these people should live in Ukraine for a few months, and experience first hand the damage of the russian atrocities? Maybe they will change their tune.

Ukraine's future is for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people. Ukraine chose to align with Europe and the free, Democratic world. And it is our Duty in the West to protect Ukraine while she takes her rightful place in the EU and NATO.

Humanity can only progress when disgusting, barbaric, anti-human regimes of authoritarian totalitarian oppression like the Chinese communist party criminals in Beijing and the state crime bosses in the Kremlin, are removed permanently.

Glory to Ukraine.

Glory to the Heroes.

God Save the King.

God Save Ukraine.

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