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Sash's Rebuttal to the "World War 3" question, Russia, China and the New Cold War.

Hello you lovely humans. Let's start by getting some things out of the way first and foremost:

This stopped being a cultural issue and 'West vs East' mindset with the Old Cold War.

And quite possibly, before.

This is now a clear-cut "Democracy vs Autocracy" issue and "Reasonable Freedom vs Oppression" issue.

It is that clear cut, at least from where I'm sitting, here in the UK.

Russia's extreme outwardly victimhood complex

So I have read some news stories (why did I do that?) So let's start a rebuttal process to these news stories. Now, I don't know how accurate they are so take this with a pinch of salt. I am citing a Mainstream Media outlet quoting the Russian government, so it's likely to be hyperbolic, sensationalist and click-baity. That said, the Russian government is all of the above so I doubt the MSM have any "modifying to do" and can just quote directly to get that sensationalist title.

A while back, one should have realised that most of what the Russian government outwardly says is more or less aimed at the domestic Russian audience, with the intention to brainwash and install disinformation in their minds to preserve the power of the Kremlin. This works by creating a "Super Boogey Man" in the West with the intention of making people in Russia feel the need to support their government in the "fight for Russia" that doesn't actually exist, but absolutely does in their minds. The Kremlin has the most power when russian people falsely believe they are under threat, and the enemy is, falsely, the west.

It is clear for any non bias party that the west has never been a direct threat to russia since the end of the Cold War. I feel like I could deviate from the "Intention" of my post here too much but I will mention NATO a few times because it's important to state that NATO is a defensive alliance that was established *entirely to protect against russian aggression*.

Okay, so forgive the first-party link, but NATO actually state it themselves and dispel a lot of Russian talking points on their own website.

Feel free to read that at some point, it's a good read.

There are some major points I want to make in regard to Russia's claim that the West opposes them (yes, we know it's bullshit, they know it's bullshit, as I said it's for the russian people to lap up the lies and believe in the Kremlin's power being important for their own preservation from the Big Bad West).

Elephant in the room number #1 re: NATO:

Countries voluntarily join the alliance. It is a choice.

Russia would like to conveniently forget that NATO is a defensive alliance and all member states have willingly entered the treaty organisation, and almost entirely, because of Russian aggression. Some great examples of this against the talking point that "US hegemony forced them to join" bullshittery that might be spewed, is that Sweden and Finland were strongly opposed (public opinion) to joining the alliance right until Russia illegally invaded Ukraine, then public opinion did, essentially, U-Turn and both countries are now joining the Alliance because of what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

Russia's argument that they are the victim of Western aggression is so absurd it's actually somewhat comical. But it does make more sense, as I have said multiple times; the lies are for russians, not westerners.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine completely demonstrates why NATO exists and why it will always exist, for as long as Russia remains in the same cold-war mentality of "us vs them".

The only thing Kremlin cares about, is remaining in a position of power. And some shite to do with a russian empire or other fascist concepts.

The Kremlin is the biggest threat to Russia in the world. The Kremlin is also the biggest cause of russophobia in the world.

Just imagine how great Russia would be if the Kremlin invested in the people, instead of lying, deceit, obscene weapons of mass destruction and military invasions of sovereign countries. Russia could have been a world power like the US if it was a democracy, well respected on the world stage and upholding International law. Instead, we have this degenerate shit-stain of a country that will either burn in Nuclear Fire (like most of us) or wither into irrelevance in the coming economic hell they created for themselves. Either way, we either die, or get to live in a world without being held hostage at the end of russia's nuclear gun.



Let us start by saying the CCP cunts in Beijing are not the Chinese Government, they are imposters and criminals recognised by the UN's biggest mistake in its history, removing UN seat for China from the Republic of China, and later, Taiwan.

So with that out of the way, the Chinese Communist Scum in Beijing represent exactly what the Kremlin represents; the exact thing humanity needs to cut out, like a cancer, in order to progress to the next stage of our civilisation.

That's right

These are some major requirements for human progress. The above Criminal & Terrorist states are icons of oppression, imperialism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism and disregard for international law and human rights. There are more states like little Kimmy's state, I forget the name of it, that bit sticking out the top of South Korea. Oh yeah, North Korea, but I won't add that because the list would get quite large if I added all those little crazy hermit shit-states.

Without The "Democratic" People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, humanity would be able to exist without;

  • Threats of invasion and extreme violence, war

  • Threats of nuclear escalation that can destroy all human progress and risk our entire species

  • Propagating extreme Russophobia and Sinophobia among western populations (thonk)

  • Rampant human rights abuses

  • Extreme dishonesty, secrecy and flat-out lying to cover up all of the above

If both China and Russia had stable, international-law respecting, democratically elected governments we could have;

  • Russian and Chinese people experience freedom of expression

  • Russian and Chinese people enjoy economic benefits and can contribute to humanity in all areas like science, technology, arts, culture.... food! Without the constant negative connotations

  • Huge trade opportunities for the entire world with all the resources those countries have.

  • All of humanity's most powerful states aligned for the betterment of humanity.

No, this rant is not russo or sino-phobic, it's opposed to the scum in Beijing and the Kremlin.

Sash's statement on World War 3.

Quite simple, and only using a slightly modified version of a line from Liberty Prime in the Fallout Franchise. (mainly because there is no innately morally questionable element of communism, in its purest form it is actually a good thing imho).

Death is a preferable alternative to oppression.

Call me bitter, but if it comes to Nuclear Fire, I will smile at the incoming nukes with the knowledge there's a very good chance that Putty and Winnie are also going to be burning in Hell with me.

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