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[Role play] End of the Federation. Beginning of the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, ATIS.

In 2133 FDS, the Aquarian Government of the UAS shifted from the more devolved federal states inherited from the Old Federation, into a more centralised governmental organisation lead by a governing body known as the Joint Presidential Council. The JPC had the Aquarian president as its chair. This major change saw Government Agencies like RSEC being appointed to higher levels of authority within the normal UAS Military chain of command throughout the Aquarius Cluster.

However, the outward organisation of the Aquarian State, the UAS, remained the same. That is, until 2,164 FDS (4402 AD) when the JPC officially enacted the Unification Protocol; a long dormant constitutional right of the government since its first founding on the 10th of August, 2238 A.D. Subsequently, the JPC formed a joint council with the leadership of the RSEC Agency, to which a new government was formed under its supervision: The Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, or ATIS.

RSEC's involvement in government isn't new. But this is the first time the agency has assumed full power of the Aquarian State, after being created to guide it - and human beings - to continued survival into the stars. The UAS's governmental system will remain largely intact, and the UAS itself will also remain as a governing body of the new States under what is now technically an Imperial rule; for the betterment of Terrans in Aquarius.

While the UAS Government remains a significant influence in top-level decisions, the ATIS Council has absolute power; being able to act quickly to developing threats without the need for bureaucratical debate.

As such, the UAS as an entity exists under the ATIS Flag, and the JPC still handles all affairs within Aquarian Space. However, humanity in Aquarius is now more united than ever, ready to make a push into the stars, as one.

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